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Non-US Amex no longer earning SkyMiles on dining

Yesterday I received an e-mail from SkyMiles Dining Member Services informing me that American Express credit cards issued outside of the United States no longer allow to earn miles at SkyMiles Dining restaurants.

This changed with November 10, 2012. Funny is that the e-mail states that I will still earn miles for qualified dining activity on my American Express cards prior to November 10. Well, I received this e-mail on November 14 … so a little late.

For me this means that I have to be careful when dining during trips to the US to not pay with an American Express at restaurants participating in the SkyMiles Dining program. Until now it did not matter since I had registered all my credit cards (two American Express and one Visa).

As I understand it, American Express cards issued in the US are still valid.

Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Shopping, Dining

After we had checked out of the nice Red Roof Inn we left Sacramento towards San Francisco, passing Davis and other cities along the way. Somewhere between Sacramento and Vacaville we left the interstate and steered to a Wal-Mart, where we shopped for some food and beverages and had a late breakfast or early lunch at an in-house Subway. Karin had a footlong turkey breast and I had a footlong club on flatbread. We enjoyed our meal, refilled our diet cokes, and left Wal-Mart.

Our next stop were the Vacaville Premium Outlets, where we did some further shopping. Mostly we were looking for stuff for friends and relatives back home.