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First Points from HHonors Credit Card Posted

The wait is finally over and I don’t need to be nervous anymore. Early this year I applied for the Hilton HHonors Credit Card and almost two weeks later the card arrived in my mail.

And today the 10,000 welcome bonus points plus the points I earned by using the card posted to my HHonors account. It is funny that it was just yesterday that I contacted the card issuing bank and asked how long it is supposed to take for the points to actually post to my account. Before they were able to answer my information request I saw the updated account balance today.

I have to admit that I am a little bit relieved since I was afraid that for some reason something went wrong with the linking of my credit card account and my HHonors account. Now that the points have posted I can be assured that I will be granted gold status, too. Right now I have still gold status from last year when I successfully entered some valid number sequence that instantly gave gold status for one year.

Hilton HHonors Credit Card Arrived

Today I picked up my new Hilton HHonors Credit Card from my mail. Yes, it finally arrived! A little less than two weeks ago I applied for the card.

This card comes with a sing-up bonus of 10,000 points, gives me 3 points per euro hotel spend and 2 points per euro for all other spends, and Gold status with no stay/night requirements.

If I spend 20,000 euros in a calendar year using this card then I hit Diamond level, but I don’t think I will pursue this. Though it would be cool to have some top tier status in any program.

I agree with Gary of View from the Wing that Hilton Gold status is a great thing.

Since I usually have only one-night stays at properties like Hilton I tend to take the 1,000 bonus points instead of a free breakfast. If I am lucky and get upgraded to the executive floor I happily take in breakfast in the executive lounge. If not? Well, I’ll have breakfast somewhere outside the hotel.

Today is a good day 😉

Applied for Hilton HHonors Credit Card

Until recently I was not aware that there is such a thing as an HHonors credit card that is available in Germany. It was just yesterday that I saw a link when I checked my HHonors account.

After reading through the benefits etc. I decided to apply for one. Application starts with filling out an online form. After providing all important information a pdf file is created that needs to be printed out, signed, and brought to a post office for identification purposes (Postident).

Today, I printed out the file, signed it, and brought it to the nearest post office. Now my application is on its way and, in theory, within two weeks I should receive my new card … if approved. Well, I can’t imagine why my application should be declined.

The facts:

  • Complimentary HHonors Gold status as long as one has the card
  • Signup bonus of 10,000 HHonors points (no spending requirement)
  • 3 points per Euro spent at Hilton hotels
  • 2 points per Euro for all other spend
  • 10% off dining at Hilton hotels in Germany
  • Annual fee is 48 Euros

I really like the fact that this card will give me gold status. This means complimentary internet usage, chances for room upgrades, more points and/or complimentary breakfast.

The signup bonus is also welcomed. It’s almost worth the fee for the first year. Not completely, but with the gold status? I do think so and I am really excited.

Non-US Amex no longer earning SkyMiles on dining

Yesterday I received an e-mail from SkyMiles Dining Member Services informing me that American Express credit cards issued outside of the United States no longer allow to earn miles at SkyMiles Dining restaurants.

This changed with November 10, 2012. Funny is that the e-mail states that I will still earn miles for qualified dining activity on my American Express cards prior to November 10. Well, I received this e-mail on November 14 … so a little late.

For me this means that I have to be careful when dining during trips to the US to not pay with an American Express at restaurants participating in the SkyMiles Dining program. Until now it did not matter since I had registered all my credit cards (two American Express and one Visa).

As I understand it, American Express cards issued in the US are still valid.