SPG Announced Promotion for Q1 2014

Just this week Starwood announced the upcoming promotion for the first quarter of 2014. It is called, „SPG Bring On The Nights“.

This new promotion runs from January 5 through April 30, 2014, and includes all Starwood properties this time. While usually it is up to each individual hotel if it participates in any promotion this one does not come with a list of hotels opting out. This is quite a nice surprise. However, the details of the promotion do not suit my travel pattern. Well, even if it would, I don’t assume I’ll travel anywhere during the promotion period.

This promotion allows you to earn 2,500 bonus points for every five eligible nights (no matter, over how many stays these nights distribute). It is capped at 10,000 bonus points for 20 nights. But if you stay 5 additional nights during the promotion period, to total 25 nights, then you’ll earn 5,000 additional bonus points. So all in all it is possible to earn 15,000 bonus points with this promotion.

I don’t stay at SPG properties often, maybe just a handful of nights a year, so I wouldn’t earn anything extra under this promotion. That is one of the negatives of it, stay 4 nights and don’t earn anything extra.

Registration is supposed to open somewhen near mid-December. More information about this promotion is available here.

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