July 2013 Trip to New York: Flight DL 106 JFK to FRA

After a last great night’s sleep at the DoubleTree hotel it was time to say goodbye. After a final breakfast we fetched our bags in our room, went down to second floor, checked out, and then were on our way. Taking two subway trains we reached the station before Jamaice Center where we could take the AirTrain towards JFK Airport. We entered the newly remodeled terminal T4 and after looking around we found the Sky Priority check-in area. After an easy check-in procedure we almost raced through security and then headed first towards the Oasis lounge where we had access with our Priority Pass cards.


Sky Priority

So we walked up to The Oasis Lounge and entered it. Upon entering we were quickly checked in after producing our Priority Pass cards.


Entrance to The Oasis Lounge

The lounge is relatively long with enough seating, a good buffet, and a slightly separated library. The restrooms are located to the far right side.





Most of the seating faces the windows.



We helped ourselves to a couple snacks and some drinks. That’s nice, not only is there a better food selection than at a Delta Sky Club, but you can catch some beverages on your own. You don’t need to wait for a bartender.


Our table

So we picked a table near the windows and near the buffet. We tried a few sandwiches, a bit of the salad offered, had some diet cokes, etc.







I think the view was not too shabby 😉




View of Emirates A380


Emirates A380


Some more buffet



After staying there for a while and trying a few things off the buffet we left the lounge and went to Delta’s new flagship Sky Club lounge since I wanted to experience the Sky Deck.


Delta Sky Club

So after entering the club we walked a bit around the lounge itself only for a short while to get acquainted with what is where and then we headed to the outside portion of the lounge.


Sky Deck

Unfortunately not the whole part is covered with those red triangles, so if one wants to have a good view he has to sit somewhere without a shade. I also read somewhere that waiters would serve this area so you wouldn’t need to do the long walk back and forth between the bar and deck. I didn’t see anyone doing that so it was up to me to get us something to drink. Not very convenient I must say. You can only carry so much and when it is hot outside, a small glass of water is just not much.

The views, however, were great.


Singapore Airlines A380

You see, I sit there directly in the sun, trying to protect my neck with my cap.

Digital StillCamera

Me on Sky Deck


El Al Jumbo


View of runway

Here you can see me coming back from the bar with two glasses of water, which weren’t full anymore at this time, because the guys that had been in front of me before entering the Sky Deck again, were so kind to NOT hold the door open for me. After dropping a good amount of water, a girl sitting just outside noticed me because of the door slamming and was so kind to hold the door open. Very much appreciated.

Digital StillCamera

Sky Deck


Etihad plane

So we didn’t stay that long outside, because it was hot, the sun was burning, and we didn’t have much to drink there. It would be a whole lot nicer if there were some service. Maybe they could have integrated a second bar? But nevertheless it was a great experience to feel the outside air, see planes racing off the runway or taxiing around.

About an hour before departure we left the lounge and walked towards our gate. After a longer than expected wait boarding began.


Our B767-300ER to FRA

We quickly settled into our seats which were 2B and 2C again. There were already the Westin Heavenly Inflight Bedding stuff awaiting us, as well as bottled water, our amenity kits, and the headphones.


Seats 2B and 2C

Shortly after sitting down the pre-departure beverage service started and we both chose champagne. We think this is a good way to start a flight.


Pre-departure champagne

Then a rather long wait began since there were a couple problems with baggage delivery to our plane. I think we were about 80 minutes late when we finally started to push back from our gate.


View out of window

After our climbout we were served hot nuts, drinks, and stuff. I had a coke zero while Karin went with a red wine.


Hot nuts


Hot nuts and coke zero


French wine

We both chose to have a full dinner so we started with a nice appetizer. It consisted of shrimps, a salad, and a soup.



For the main course Karin had chosen the beef with mashed potatoes and green beans while I had the chicken stuffed chicken breast. The chicken came with green beans as well. Our entrees were both good.




Stuffed chicken

On our flight to New York I had chocolate sauce on my ice cream and Karin had the berry sauce. This time it was just the other way, Karin had the chocolate sauce and I had the berry sauce. Delicious!


Sundae with berry sauce


Sundae with chocolate sauce

To finally finish off our meal we both had some port wine which was also good. We also stocked up on some bottled water for the night.


A couple water bottles and port wine

We then slept for about four to five hours before we woke up just in time for breakfast service. Wow, that was the very first time that I could sleep so well on an airplane. Usually, I don’t get more than a total of a couple minutes of sleep when crossing the pond. It’s just fantastic to have flat-bed seat.



Well, we were then served breakfast where we both had some cereals, fruit, some bread, a yoghurt, and a small glass of jam. We both chose orange juice to accompany our meal. Yeah, that was quite good. I took advantage of being served from both sides. So I was served two glasses of orange juice 😉

Shortly after breakfast we were already starting our final approach of FRA where we landed less than an hour late.

This was a very comfortable flight and the crew was excellent and was definitely better than the crew on our flight to JFK. Don’t get me wrong, though. There is nothing bad I can say about the other crew. It’s just that this time they were just even friendlier and more attentive.

All in all this was a great short vacation!

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