July 2013 Trip to New York: New York City Day 4

On our fourth and final day in New York breakfast at our hotel was a bit different than on the other days. The cold options were all present at the buffet, however, the hot options were not present. Instead they could be ordered at no extra cost. Funny way of handling things differently on holidays (it was Fourth of July). After breakfast we walked to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and took the first available ferry to Staten Island.

This provided us with another view of the Freedom Tower, just from a different angle. Very impressive.

The ferry ride was great on such a hot and humid day. The fresh breeze was such a relief.


View of Freedom Tower from ferry


Downtown Manhattan

This was the day on which the Statue of Liberty was reopened after it was closed due to Hurricane Sandy. The photo does not really deliver, but there was quite some traffic. Lots and lots of people went there to enter the statue. We preferred the view from a ferry that travels for free and where there was not such a long line.


Statue of Liberty

Digital StillCamera

Statue of Liberty

After reaching Staten Island we did not quickly turn around to catch the next ferry returning to Manhattan. Instead we decided to leave the ferry terminal for a short walk. We did not go on an adventurous trip to explore the island, just walked a bit around, went into a small shop, and bought some water.

Then we walked back to the ferry terminal and enjoyed the view of Manhattan.

Digital StillCamera

View of Manhattan from Staten Island

Then we took the next ferry back to Manhattan, again enjoying the sea air and the views.


Approaching Manhattan

After disembarking we walked through Battery Park and then took the subway to get close to Katz’s Delicatessen where we wanted to grab a bite to eat for lunch. A free lunch was awaiting me! Why? Well, Karin invited me as a gift for my birthday that was just a week before our trip to New York. Yay!

Digital StillCamera

Approaching Katz’s Delicatessen

Upon entering we were handed tickets we needed to keep until leaving the restaurant. This is their way of making sure that every customer pays his due. The restaurant was packed and there was quite a line but there were several guys working the counter so we were helped relatively quickly. We just had quite enough time to decide upon what to take. I ordered two pastrami sandwiches for us. There was so much going on that the guy handling my order had to ask me several times what it was. „Pastrami, right?“ He also asked a couple times, „How many? Two?“ That was kinda funny. Alright, so maybe he was a bit beside his shoes, but he quickly cut slices of pastrami and prepared our sandwiches. Then we moved on to the next station where I ordered two cans of diet pepsi.

Then we were off to find a table, or at least two seats at a table, to sit down. In the back to the right we found some place, settled down, and enjoyed our meal. It was our very first time we had pastrami. I have to say, it was very, very good! We really enjoyed it.


Two pastrami sandwiches and diet pepsis

It was so good that I forgot to change glasses and still wore my sunglasses when eating 😉

Digital StillCamera

Enjoying pastrami sandwich

Finding and using the restrooms was also quite an experience.


Sitting opposite of restrooms

No, these are not two small boxes for half a person each. It’s just the entrances extend into the dining room.


Ladies‘ room


Men’s room


Missed it?

Digital StillCamera

Coming back with some water

On our way out towards the checkout we found the table where the famous scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally was shot. You know which scene, the one where Sally faked an orgasm just to show Harry how realistic this is.


Where Meg Ryan sat


Famous scene depicted

Karin then paid our bill at checkout while I could use the bypass lane to exit. The meal was delicious and the place is really nice. We are glad we did this.


Cashier booth

Digital StillCamera

Katz’s Delicatessen

We then moved on towards Midtown where we went to the main post office of New York. We thought we could buy there some more stamps we needed to send away all the postcards we had written. Well, we learned that this post office may be open 24/7 all year, but not on 7/4. So we postponed that until the next morning. We also went into some smaller convenience stores to buy some food for later and, the most important thing, water, water, water. We had to survive a couple hours waiting for and watching the fireworks. When we had all our supplies we thought we would need we walked towards the Hudson River. The Twelfth Avenue was declared viewing area between what? I think the northern boundary was somewhere around 57th Street and the southern boundary somewhere in the 20s or 10s. We walked down 34th Street (give or take one ;-)) around 6pm. The fireworks were scheduled for somewhen after 9pm (they started around 9:25pm). When we approached Twelfth Ave there were already lots and lots of people there and walking there. Road blockage started at Tenth Ave.


Walking towards Twelfth Avenue

After arriving at Twelfth Ave we squeezed our way like two blocks southward where there was some room to get some breath. As you can see on the following two photos there were lots of people, but we were not standing there like sardines but had some room to move more or less freely.


Folks waiting for fireworks


Folks waiting for fireworks

After waiting for more than three hours the time had come and the fireworks started. Boy, that was spectacular! We really liked and enjoyed. Sorry no pics. If I try that the pics are poorly lighted. After almost half an hour it was over. There were a couple of times we thought that it was over, but after some mega bursts and a short pause it resumed again, and again, and again. Great!

When finally it was over the masses headed back to the city. Then was also the time when we could see that the top x floors of the Empire State Building was lit in the colors red, white, and blue. That looked great! I tried to shoot a couple photos with and without flashes. The quality was so and so. I simply attached two of them to this post.


Masses heading back to the city


ESB lit in red, white, and blue


ESB lit in red, white, and blue

We then took the subway to get back to our hotel. Somehow we managed it to get into the very first train heading our direction.

This was our first time in the States on the Fourth of July and it was great.

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