SPG Fall 2013 Promotion Announced

Like an hour ago or something the twitter account of SPG sent out a tweet announcing their promotion for this year’s fall. They call it SPG Take Two. From September 1 until December 15 each eligible night at a participating hotel (the list of non-participating hotels is quite long) earns double points. After each five eligible nights another bonus of 2,500 points is awarded, up to 10,000 points after 20 nights.

As usual, double points mean, that the two base points per dollar spent are doubled. SPG elite bonus points are not affected. That is, regular members will earn 4 (2*2) points per dollar, gold and platinum members will earn 5 (2*2+1) points per dollar and platinum members that are eligible for 4 points per dollar will earn 6 (2*2+2) points per dollar.

The terms and conditions can be found here Though the list of non-participating hotels and resorts is quite long, there are still more than 1,000 properties participating in this promotion.

I will not change any travel plans because of that promotion but I guess I will take advantage of it nonetheless. Right now there is only one night at a Starwood hotel planned. Luckily, at one that seems to participate. Double points or no double points? I’ll take them 😉

Registration will be open in late August according to SPG.

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