July 2013 Trip to New York: New York City Day 3

On our third day in New York we decided to first go see the UN plaza and this unique building. That’s nothing spectacular, but before our trip I noted that we had been already relatively close to this place but we hadn’t ever seen it in real life.

We took a subway ride and did some walking to get there. Once there we simply walked along the fenced area, took a few photos, and saw a couple signs telling us that in order to take a guided tour inside one needed a ticket that was available only online. Wow, that’s great. Luckily, we hadn’t had planned to do some tour. We would have done it if had been possible. But it was okay to simply see this area in nature.


UN building


UN building

Right across the street we found the German Embassy but we did not have a reason to actually visit it.


German Embassy

After browsing around a bit in this area we walked westward (or even northwest). Another landmark I wanted to see was the St. Regis hotel. Last time we were in New York we had seen the Waldorf=Astoria hotel and I figured this time Starwood’s top property was about to be seen. On our way we walked past some Italian restaurant with a funny name.


Da Noi 😉

What’s so funny about that name? Well, „da noi“ (or, „do noi“, actually) is the same as „da rein“ in German. Which means, „enter here“. On our way towards the St. Regis hotel we stopped by in some nice building called Atrium to rest for a while, since it was very humid outside. Then, finally, we reached the St. Regis New York.


St. Regis NYC

Digital StillCamera

St. Regis NYC

I have only added some exterior shots. What we had seen inside the hotel was a bit disappointing with narrow, short hallways, and an aged look. I don’t know, the Waldorf=Astoria looked way better inside. I can’t talk about how the rooms look, but the public areas in the St. Regis looked sad.

The absolute highlight was the Bentley parked outside. What a beautiful car!


Hotel’s Bentley


Hotel’s Bentley

Now that we were so close we walked towards Central Park and entered it. First, we walked around in the southern third of it. There we found this interesting traffic light being used by a bird for placing a nest.


Bird’s nest

Near this famous fountain we listened to some street musicians who were very good. We then exited the park and took a subway ride towards the northern edge of the park, where we reentered it.


Central Park

Once we were inside the park again some heavy rain poured down so we waited it out underneath one of the many bridges. We waited like 15 to 30 minutes there, until it stopped raining and we could walk on. We never had been in this part of the park before.


Central Park

We found this beautiful waterfall along our way.

Digital StillCamera

Central Park

We then reached the Reservoir and did not walk around the whole lake but just a portion to get on southwards.


Central Park

I thought there was some logic behind that sign that said one should walk or run in a specified direction. Walking? Okay, that shouldn’t be a problem if people were walking in opposite directions. But running? Yes, that’s reasonable to do it in only one direction, because the path is relatively narrow. Reminds me of skating rinks where also all have to circle in the same direction. Yeah, of course, we encountered people running in the opposite direction. Luckily, we didn’t have an accident 😉


One-way running track

Beautiful view across the lake.


Central Park

Digital StillCamera

Central Park

Once we reached an area where we had already been inside Central Park we exited it to take a subway ride downtown. Because we started to get hungry we headed to Goodfella’s somewhere near Katz’s Delicatessen to have dinner. Until then we had never eaten at an Italian place in New York. So it was about time to catch up on that.

Digital StillCamera


They advertised to have the world’s best pizza so I decided to eat … well … pizza, of course! I could choose between NY style and Old World style. I went with the latter style and ordered it with a few toppings. Mushrooms, pepperoni, prosciutto, and garlic. I think that was it. Or did I have something else on it? Maybe onions? Look at the picture and try to find out 😉


Fabulous pizza

The pizza was indeed very good, yummy!

Karin had a pasta dish with some chicken. She said, her food was also very good.


Creamy pasta with chicken

As an appetizer we ordered garlic bread. Well, that was a huge portion! Tasty, but we couldn’t eat all of it since our entrees weren’t small themselves.

Digital StillCamera

Garlic bread with mozzarella

Though we were really stuffed after our delicious meal we decided to have some dessert and we both ordered a cannoli each which tasted very good as well.


Leave the gun, take the cannoli

After our fantastic dinner we rolled back to the nearest subway station and headed back to our hotel. We ended our day with some nice margarita at the Chipotle nearby.

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