July 2013 Trip to New York: New York City Day 2

On our second day in New York we decided to visit several places from the two movies You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. After another delicious breakfast at the hotel we took a subway train to the Washington Square. In front of the memorial arch was the scene where Harry and Sally arrived and said goodbye to each other, not knowing that they would meet again and again. This is a nice park close to the campus of the NYU. I guess that’s the university where Sally wanted to study journalism and not calisthenics or gymnastics (the last several times I saw the movie, it was in German).

There is not only the arch but also a beautiful fountain, trees providing shade, and a few walkways between the greenery.

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Fountain at Washington Square

This was a nice place where we spent some time walking around and snapping a few photos.

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Arch at Washington Square

Then we took the subway to ride uptown to the Upper West Side. We went back onto the surface either at 86th or 96th Street, am not sure about that anymore. From there we walked to the west towards the Hudson River because we wanted to stroll around in Riverside Park. This is another park we hadn’t visited yet. How come that we were even aware of it? Well, because of the 91st Street Garden where Joe Fox alias Tom Hanks and Kathleen Kelly alias Meg Ryan finally meet at the end of the movie.


Riverside Park

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91st Street Garden

The 91st Street Garden is maintained by the Garden People. I must say, they do a good job.


91st Street Garden


91st Street Garden

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Flowers at 91st Street Garden

We walked southward through the Riverside Park and saw a nicely situated playground on our way.


Riverside Park

We also stumbled upon a memorial that was erected in remembrance of soldiers and sailors who defended the Union during the Civil War.

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In Memory of Soldiers and Sailors During Civil War

Our next stop after visiting Riverside Park was Gray’s Papaya on Broadway at 72nd Street to have some lunch. It was our very first time there and were kind of excited to try New York’s best hot dogs.


Gray’s Papaya Broadway/72nd Street

We ordered two recession deals (a recession deal consists of two dogs and a medium drink). We didn’t have any papaya or something but simply went for diet coke. Well, this little eatery doesn’t look very clean and all, but I gotta admit that the hot dogs were indeed very, very good. Yummy!

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2 Recession Deals at Gray’s Papaya


Scene from You’ve Got Mail

After our delicious lunch we took the subway for just one stop and near 80th Street we went into Zabar’s. A kind of a smallish supermarket where Joe Fox helped out Kathleen Kelly who wanted to pay with a credit card at a cash-only checkout. We didn’t buy anything but it was quite interesting in there.

Digital StillCamera


Then we went towards the Hudson River again to see the 79st Boat Basin where we could greet New Jersey and have a refreshing drink at the cafe there.

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72nd Street Boat Basin Cafe


72nd Street Boat Basin

After a little more running around we took a subway ride towards Times Square and there we looked around to find some postcards. Then it was time for dinner and we went to the Dallas BBQ restaurant on 42nd Street. This was a nice treat. From last Christmas I still had a personal voucher from Karin. That meant she invited me and took care of the check.

After doing a lot of walking this day I really was hungry and happy about the huge portions they serve at Dallas BBQ. I ordered a steak/ribs combo where I replaced the pork ribs with beef ribs which were delicious. It already came with fried onions and some cornbread. There was only one side choice and I had french fries. Only? That sounds so restricting but to be honest, I didn’t need more 😉


Beef ribs, steak, onion rings and french fries

Karin decided to have a pulled pork sandwich that came with french fries and coleslaw. Her sandwich was as delicious as my steak/ribs combo.


Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and french fries

We both had a texas-size strawberry margarita with an extra shot of tequila. Gosh, they are good. Not necessarily the best margaritas out there, but nicely frozen … and huge.

Digital StillCamera

Steak and ribs combo, diet coke, and texas-size strawberry margarita

After this great meal we both were very satisfied and stuffed and everything. We rolled outside towards the nearest subway station and went on our way back to the hotel.

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