July 2013 Trip to New York: Flight DL 107 FRA to JFK

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We arrived shortly before 9am at the airport in Frankfurt. While we noticed that there was more traffic inside the terminal than two hours before that when we usually arrive for flights to Atlanta, there was almost no line at the Sky Priority check-in counters.

After a few security questions we were quickly checked in and retrieved our boarding passes. We were also asked if we knew about the lounge we had access to. Yes, we had known about that lounge that we usually visit using our Priority Pass cards. This time we could enter it simply with our BusinessElite boarding passes.

We went straight to the lounge where we had some nice breakfast and then nibbled on some snacks that were served after breakfast.



Breakfast at Sky Lounge

When boarding time neared we left the lounge and headed towards the security checkpoint which was only a short walk away. Though we could use the priority lane it took a little longer than usual. I am really not sure that this lane was only used by passengers eligible to use this lane. There were also some passengers with language problems and being unaware of the liquid restrictions. Anyway, after a couple minutes we were through and could walk on to our departure gate.

After preboarding of families and passengers with mobility issues premium cabin passengers were called and we walked down the jet bridge towards our plane.

We were welcomed by a couple friendly flight attendants and quickly moved towards our seats, 2B and 2C.


Our seats

At our seats were a duvet and a pillow by Westin, a headphone, a bottle of water, and the TUMI amenity bag.


View of monitor

The seats were comfortable and we had plenty of legroom. This is just nice!



We then were offered a predeparture beverage where we could choose between orange juice and champagne. Of course, we went with the champagne!

Digital StillCamera

Bottle of water and glass of champagne

The purser also distributed the menus and asked us whether we wanted to be woken up for the pre-arrival meal if we were asleep. I wasn’t sure at that moment if I wanted to nap a while during this flight, but I was definitely sure that I did not want to miss out a meal 😉

We left the gate right on time and taxied to the runway for takeoff. Soon after we were on our way!

After reaching cruising altitude it took only a short while till lunch service began. After being handed a hot towel we were served warmed nuts.


Mixed nuts and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc


French red wine and mixed nuts

Then trays with a set of appetizers were served that consisted of a salad with walnuts, a soup, some prosciutto and cheese. And items from a bread basket were offered which I didn’t photograph.




As the main course I decided to have the beef while Karin decided to have the pasta. We both were very pleased with our meals. Maybe it is a bit easy to satisfy me, but nevertheless I thought the steak was great and the mashed potatoes and spinach tasted good. I also liked the appetizers.


Grilled beef with mashed sweet potatoes and spinach

Digital StillCamera

Linguine with cream sauce, spinach and butternut squash

After finishing the main course some dessert was offered. There were a couple of choices like ice cream, some cake, and a cheese selection. We both went with some ice cream. While I had chocolate sauce, Karin decided to have the berry sauce. This was a great finish!


Ice cream sundae


Dessert tray cart

We then decided to nap for a while. I don’t know how long I was gone into the wilderness of the world of dreams but it was definitely longer than it would have been in coach class for sure. But it was not for hours because it was during daytime. I just napped while listening to different CDs provided by the IFE system.

After a couple bottles of water it was time for the pre-arrival meal. Choices were a hot chicken parmesan sandwich and a grilled shrimp salad. We both chose the chicken sandwich which was accompanied with a small side salad and a piece of chocolate. Yummie!


Chicken parmesan sandwich

Shortly thereafter we started to approach JFK airport where we landed safely and right on time after a great flight experience.

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