March 2013 Trip to California: DL 14 ATL to FRA

After checking out of the Hampton Inn ATL we took the complimentary shuttle ride to the airport. We were dropped off at the domestic terminal where we switched to another shuttle that took us to the international terminal.


International terminal

We checked in at a kiosk and then went to a bag drop counter to drop our bags. I was a bit astonished that a brand new facility uses such a vintage way to handle that. The agent at the counter had to lift our bags from the scale to the conveyor belt. What’s that? No possibility to let some clever transportation system do that job? So on a long day they have to lift I don’t know how many bags at 30 to 70 pounds or something?

This is something I have never seen in Frankfurt. Though I have to admit that I took my first flight from there in 2000. So I don’t know how it worked prior to then. Anyway, in Frankfurt no check-in or bag drop clerk needs to physically lift any bag. They are simply moved from the scale to the conveyor belt.

After we had finished our check-in procedure we proceeded through security and then headed to the Sky Club. First, we stepped into the one on concourse F.


Bar in Delta Sky Club

We sat a table near the windows and enjoyed a couple drinks (coke zero, wine, water) and nibbled on some snacks.


Enjoying Sky Club

We spotted the pink plane!


Pink plane


Pink plane

After a short while we then left the lounge and took the plane train to get to concourse E where our plane was leaving from. There we also entered the Sky Club. In the Sky Club on concourse E there is a young lady working the bar who is very efficient and working like a horse. Amazing! While the guy at the bar in concourse F was a kind of a lame duck taking it easy, she was very attentive and quick. While pouring one guest’s drink she already asked the next one what he wanted. Thus, saving time.


Sky Club


Sky Club

The ladies‘ restrooms featured some nice chairs as I could see from the photo that Karin took.


Wanna rest for a while?



Soon after it was time for us to head to the gate to be there in time for boarding our plane. We again had seats in the Economy Comfort section on the right side of the plane, which was a B767-400ER.

When the beverage service began I ordered a Coke Zero and a Sky Breeze. Funnily, the flight attendant, who happened to be German, said she hadn’t had to mix a Sky Breeze for quite a long time. Well, I order it every time when we are on a long haul flight on which it is available. Karin said, she wanted exactly the same. However, the flight attendant did not hear that. This happens, but she did not handle this in the friendliest way. She was smiling, but I don’t know. It seemed she did not have her best day. The crew on our flight from LAX to ATL was definitely better and friendlier. But what I can’t complain about is that I got a whole can instead of just a filled cup.

Karin ended up with a Sky Breeze and a water.


Coke Zero and Sky Breeze

For dinner we both had the chicken. It came with a bread roll, a salad, some crackers and cheese, and a chocolate cookie (or was it a brownie? I forgot). Karin had some white wine to go with it.



I had another can of Coke Zero and a Woodford Reserve.



During the night the usual happened; I was barely able to get some sleep. I guess it amounted to several phases of only a few minutes that I actually fell asleep. Most of the time I was just dozing a bit.

When we were over Europe, breakfast was served, which consisted of some baked good with an egg and some cheese, a banana, and an orange juice. Also, we had some Easter eggs with us, since it was Easter Sunday!


Breakfast and Easter egg


Breakfast and Easter egg

We landed right on schedule and were at our gate after some short taxiing. The end of some nice vacation in California.

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