March 2013 Trip to California: Dinner at Ruby Tuesday

After checking in at the Hampton Inn ATL we put our bags into our room and I snapped a few photos. Then we took an elevator ride downstairs, exited the hotel, and walked across the street to get to the conveniently located Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

It was not just an ordinary friday, but it was Good Friday, so the restaurant was very packed. After we got our name put down we waited a little more than a quarter of an hour until we were called and led to our table. Now it was time to have some fun! It was our last night of our trip and we did not want to sit around in a sad mood. Instead we wanted to have a good time.

After a short while our waiter arrived and was ready to take our beverage orders. I started by ordering a coke zero and a strawberry margarita. He wrote it down. Then Karin wanted to order a coke zero as well and a glass of Merlot. After saying, „A Coke Zero“, the guy replied, „I got that already.“ No, he got mine. So, Karin repeated that she wanted a coke zero[, and a glass of wine]. Again, he insisted, that he already got the coke zero. After a little back and forth we managed to explain to him, that we both wanted two different beverages! This relaxed the atmosphere a bit, he started laughing, and, finally, scribbled down ALL orders.

Well, before he was able to bring us our drinks, it happened. Another guy, serving the table behind me, accidentally poured a whole pitcher of ice-cold water on my backside! Woah, that was cold! And wet!

In the first few milliseconds I did not realize what had happened. Then it dawned on me immediately. I was wet! The bench was wet as well. So I quickly got up. The guy was very apologetic. I don’t know exactly how it had happened, but I guess, he put the pitcher down to do something different, and then hit it with his arm, backside, or whatever. I say, this is something that could happen to anyone, and I did not blame him. Then the general manager or manager on duty (I don’t know, just remember her name, which was Juanita) appeared and also apologized and said, she would love to lend me some fresh shirt, but does not have one. Sure 😉

I explained that we stayed at a hotel just across the street, so we could quickly go up to our room where I would change into different clothes and get back. She said, we could do so, and when returning we just should ask for her. She would take care of us. So we quickly walked to our hotel and I changed clothes.


Wet t-shirt


Wet jeans

When we came back we did not have to wait long to get a different table. There we really had enough time to study the menu (which we already had done during our visit part one). Why? Well, the young woman serving our table took ages to come by. She was held up, sort of, she was chatting with a colleague. After several minutes of chit-chat, she walked up to our table, and we ordered our drinks as well as our meals.

Karin had the New Orleans Seafood with broccoli and mashed potatoes. I chose to have the steak and lobster tail combination with french fries and broccoli. We both also ordered the endless garden bar. Right after ordering we walked to the salad bar and helped us to some salad.



You see something missing on the photo above? We had some salad, but no silverware! I waved at Juanita, she saw it, approached our table, and quickly saw, what was missing. She immediately brought us forks and knives.

Our soft drinks were delivered quickly, but the wine and the margarita took a little longer. I was a little surprised to get a nice glass of strawberry margarita … without a straw. I asked her for a straw, and she said, she would get me one and took off. Of course, she never brought me one.


Wine and strawberry margarita (no straw)

After waiting a while I decided I had to drink the margarita without a straw.


Drinking strawless

Because our server did not bring me a straw I had to ask Juanita, who helped me out in no time. Our server never noticed that I magically got a straw.


Seafood with broccoli and mashed potatoes


Steak and lobster tail with broccoli and fries

The food was excellent, we were both very satisfied. Service was a bit lacking. I sat there with both my glasses empty and waited, waited, waited. It took our server ages to take a look. Not that she was busy, no, she was chatting with other guests. After a lengthy wait I got a refill and could order another strawberry margarita. Service did only get better when she learned what had happened to me at the other table. Both, she and Juanita, repeatedly told me that they admired my calmness. Other guests would have gotten loud because of the water incident.

Well, why should I get mad at the other waiter who had emptied the pitcher on me? I simply assumed that he did not do it on purpose. These are things that should not happen but they just happen. So what? Luckily, I was able to quickly change into different clothes.

Anyway, we were then told that our meals and the drinks we had ordered up to that point were on the house. If we wanted something more we would be charged that. Okay, that was fair enough, so we ordered another glass of wine for Karin and another strawberry margarita for me. That was a cheap dinner! Two entrees with endless salad bar, soft drinks for the two of us, two glasses of wine, and three strawberry margaritas for a total of $16 plus tax and tip.

We really love Ruby Tuesday and are always happy when we can route our way back home through Atlanta with an overnight stay at the Hampton Inn and dinner at Ruby Tuesday. This time though it was a night to remember. Difficulties to order something drink. I got soaked. We were almost ignored, I had a margarita without a straw, we did not have forks and knives, didn’t pay much, and had some good food and a decent amount of fun.

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