March 2013 Trip to California: Hampton Inn ATL

After a short wait outside the terminal at the airport a hotel shuttle arrived and took us to the Hampton Inn ATL. After a short ride we arrived, took our bags, and entered the hotel.


Parking lot

Inside you turn left to get to the smallish front desk. There we had to wait a few minutes because there was much traffic. The front desk agent not only had to deal with guests checking in but also with the almost constantly ringing the phone. But he did not seem to be stressed and handled the situation well. He did not have the calm and gentle aura the front desk agent at the Westin Verasa Napa showed, but still he was friendly.

We were assigned room 225. And off we were 😉



Room 225 was almost across from the elevator.


Room 225

It was a room with a king bed, our favorite. It had been more than a year since our last visit to this hotel. Last year in both our trips to the US our stopover on our way home had been at CVG. There we had stayed at the Hilton and at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotels. Anyway, we remembered those nice room number plates and the look of the room itself with the dark wood panels.



There was a very comfortable bed facing a flat-screen TV. Beside the window with a decent blackout curtain was a desk.


King bed


King bed


Flat-screen TV

Right after the entrance to the room there was a door on the left side leading into the bathroom. It’s a little bit compact but still nice. In one corner is the sink with just enough space for our stuff. Underneath the sink the towels are stored. There is also a toilet, of course, and a bath/shower combo. The water pressure and temperature control were excellent. After our stay at the Super 8 LAX it was nice to stay at a hotel with more space when showering, having better sound insulation, a nicer bed, and all.


Toilet and shower



I was happy that not only the standard toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap bars) were offered. But there was also some mouthwash. I bagged the lotion and the mouthwash.




Coffee machine

After  spreading out a bit we went off to the Ruby Tuesday which is just across the street for some dinner (see next installment in this series).

After dinner we had a great sleep. The next morning we went downstairs to have breakfast which I always enjoy at a Hampton Inn. Well, to be honest, this is the only Hampton Inn I have stayed at yet. Anyway, after some good breakfast we checked out and took a shuttle ride back to the airport.

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