March 2013 Trip to California: DL 1754 LAX to ATL

After checking out of the Super 8 and returning our rental car to Hertz we took a complimentary bus ride to the airport and were dropped off right in front of terminal 5 where Delta operates out of. We checked in at one of the airport kiosks where I also paid our bag fees (on domestic flights only our first checked bag is free, the second checked bag costs $25). The we dropped off our bags and proceeded to the security checkpoint.

After clearing security which only took a couple minutes we headed to the Sky Club lounge (access is free for holders of the American Express Platinum card, when flying Delta on the same day) to have some breakfast.

As other bloggers already pointed out the Sky Club LAX had been remodeled again. The seating is a little nicer than before. As an enhancement the Luxury Bar has been added which led to the removal of the self serve bar. The area where the food was offered also shrank a bit. At least that was my feeling. I am not absolutely sure about that.

After leaving the lounge we headed to our departure gate and soon after that the boarding process began. After first class and Sky Priority people had boarded it was time for zone 1 and, thus, for us.

On board we were greeted by a couple of friendly flight attendants, one of whom noticed that Karin and I both wore our „Utah Rocks“ t-shirts. Since I boarded right before Karin, I had already passed him, when I heard him saying, „Utah rocks!“ which made me chuckle. We quickly found our seats in the Economy Comfort section on the right side of the plane, which was a B767-300.


Economy Comfort

We pushed back right on time, taxied to our runway, and it did not take long till we took off. When the service began one of the flight attendants working our aisle noticed that colorful sheet of paper on Karin’s tray table. I had created that back last year as a present for her on Christmas. I comped her the ride in Economy Comfort on the two domestic flights. Sitting in Economy Comfort on the international flights was also a gift, but that I gave her on her birthday.

Not only did she notice that piece of paper and commented on it with some nice words I don’t remember anymore. Unfortunately. No, she also proactively offered something from the EATS menu, after we had already chosen to have some Coke Zero.

So we decided to have a margarita each (a „free“ drink was part of my present for her). This time we did not order any food from the EATS menu since we wanted to have dinner in Atlanta.


Coke Zero and Margarita


Coke Zero and Margarita

As usual we enjoyed our margaritas! During the next service that same friendly FA asked us if we wanted another margarita. I think it was the first time that happened to us. A flight attendant not only remembering what we had, but also considering the possibility that we may had wanted the same again. Well, we would have wanted one more, but decided to skip on that. It’s good, but another $7 per person? No, thanks 😉

Not only did we have a pleasant flight but we also appreciated the attitude of the crew working the cabin.

Without any other incidents we arrived in Atlanta. There we picked up our bags, went outside to ground transportation and waited for our hotel shuttle to take us to the Hampton Inn.

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