March 2013 Trip to California: Super 8 LAX

After dining at a Sizzler near LAX and filling up our rental car’s gas tank we headed to the Super 8 LAX on Airport Blvd almost right next to Hertz where I had booked a room for one night before our flight to Atlanta.There is a rather smallish office building with tables where you could have the complimentary breakfast. This is not my thing to have breakfast in such a small place. Anyway, we entered it and I was curious where to find a front desk agent. Ah, well, it was the guy who stood outside smoking. The check-in process was easy and we were assigned room 122 which was in the back on the right side.




Entrance to room 122

The room itself was just spacious enough and the bed was okay. It was a Super 8 after all, and no Westin. It wasn’t the cheapest Super 8 we had ever stayed at but for a property near the airport and for a week night I considered it acceptable to pay around $80 including taxes.



There was even a table with two chairs. So some space to put stuff 😉



As most places today this room also was equipped with a flat-screen TV.


Desk and flat-screen TV

The bathroom was very tiny with a single sink and not much space around it. Right next to the sink was the toilet that faced a smallish shower.






Sink and towel rack

After our arrival there there was no denial that this was an airport hotel motel. It wasn’t easy to fall asleep, since there was no sound insulation whatsoever. Planes fly directly above this property when approaching LAX. During daytime this is fantastic for plane watching. However, at night, this is kind of a drawback.

Well, I don’t know how we managed it but we did get some sleep. I am happy that usually I pick a different type of hotel for the first night after arriving. For that day it was okay to stay there. It was right next to Hertz, we had filled up before checking in, so the morning after our short stay was easy. We got up, showered, put on clothes, checked out, and just headed next to Hertz.

We returned the car, entered the complimentary Hertz shuttle bus and off we were to the airport.

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