March 2013 Trip to California: Sleep Inn & Suites in Bakersfield

When we arrived in Bakersfield we first stopped at the Black Angus restaurant to have some nice dinner which was fabulous as usual. We both had some great tasting steaks.

Then we steered towards the Sleep Inn & Suites where I had booked a room for one night. Upon entering the hotel the front desk is found on the right side. We were quickly checked in and were assigned room 208.



The room was relatively spacious, especially the bathroom is of a really good size. There was even a fridge and a microwave. We had no use for the microwave but it was good to put some of our beverages into the small fridge.



The king bed was quite comfortable. Of course, it cannot be compared to a bed you would find in a Westin, Sheraton, etc. But hey, we just paid around $50 for the night. So I think it was of quite a good value.


King bed

Across from the bed there is a flat-screen TV and a nicely sized desk with a wood chair.


Flat-screen TV and desk


Fridge and microwave



Did I mention that the bathroom was quite spacious? It was. There was definitely enough space to move around between the sink area and the bathtub.



The temperature control and water pressure of the shower was good enough.


Tub with showerhead

Space near the sink was a little bit limited but still enough. Well, it was not the largest space we had found but it was better than at some other hotels.


Vanity area

We had a good night’s sleep there and checked out the following morning, had breakfast at a Denny’s and then hit the road towards Los Angeles (CA-99 and then I-5).

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