March 2013 Trip to California: Sheraton Pleasanton

After our stay at the Westin Verasa Napa we moved on to Pleasanton where we first did some shopping at the Stoneridge Mall before we checked in at the nearby Sheraton hotel. We had booked a two-night stay there and were happy to have a hotel so close to the nearest BART station.

After literally just crossing the street from the mall we entered the Sheraton and walked over to the front desk to check in. There was no line so we were immediately helped.  It was a fun process since a new staff member was just being trained on her job. So I had two agents taking care of me.


Sheraton Pleasanton

My gold status was recognized and they thanked me for both my loyalty and for choosing their property. My pleasure. As a gold welcome amenity I chose the 250 points. I was told that they were just undergoing some renovation work so I was handed two chocolate hammers which was a very nice gesture.


Chocolate hammers

Another pleasant surprise was the hotel promotion during that time. I was invited to take my turn on their wheel of fortune where I had the chance to win up to 1,000 bonus points. I think that was the highest amount if I remember it correctly. It was also possible to receive nothing at all. Luckily, I won 500 bonus points! If I had won nothing it would have been just as if there had not been any promotion, but still, when giving a chance it would have been a bummer. Well, I didn’t lose but got a decent win. That made me happy.

All in all I was very happy with the check in process. Both staff members were very friendly, they thanked me for my business several times, I got some chocolate, I won bonus points. Wow!

We were assigned room 529 in a six-story hotel. Looking from the outside it seemed that most of the sixth floor was unavailable due to the renovation work. Well, so chances for an update to the club floor were very minimal 😉

Were we bothered by the work? No, not at all. If we weren’t given the chocolate and hadn’t seen it from outside, we wouldn’t have noticed anything. Maybe there was on work done over the weekend? Anyway, no inconveniences but we received something nice.


Entrance to room 529

Entering the room the first door on the right led to the bathroom. Around the next corner was the comfortable Sweet Sleeper bed and next to the wall on the left was the flatscreen tv and a desk. The configuration was somewhat odd, since the tv set was not straight across from the bed but of course that did not have any influence on the sleeping experience 😉




King bed



I liked that there were two different bins, one for normal trash and one for recyclables. Though it is sometimes a little weird to figure out what is considered recyclable. It is a little different from what is collected separately in Germany. I don’t say that either way is better or worse, it’s just different. So one has to take care to use different containers correctly.





I guess this room has not been renovated recently, at least according to the look of the bathroom. Everything was okay and working nicely. It’s just that it didn’t look as modern as the bathroom at the Westin in Napa for example.





What I did like was the set of toiletries. That was because it did not only include shampoo, lotion, and conditioner. But also shower gel (which I rarely find in US hotels) and some shaving cream. I was a bit surprised to find wrapped plastic cups instead of real glassware. I expected different from a hotel like a Sheraton. Of course, plastic cups are usable as well, but it reminds me more of a motel.



The water pressure and temperature control of the shower were excellent.



While staying at the Sheraton we enjoyed the fact that it was very close to a BART station. So we used that fact to take a BART ride into San Francisco on the day between the two nights. And after checking out of the Sheraton we just moved our car from the Sheraton parking lot (parking was free) to the parking structure next to the BART station to take another ride into San Francisco. That was very convenient.

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