March 2013 Trip to California: Red Roof Inn Fresno

After we had picked up our car at Hertz LAX we hit the road towards Fresno. On our way we stopped at a Denny’s restaurant to have some breakfast and then headed to some Wal-Mart to stock up on water, Coke Zero, and some other stuff. Then we continued on to Fresno.

Somewhen in the afternoon we arrived at the Red Roof Inn where we had a booked an overnight stay. This was some kind of an interesting property to put it this way. It was nice that it had interior corridors. I count that as a plus.

We were assigned room 106. We drove around the building to park our car and entered the building from the backside to get to our room.




Entrance to room 106

The door surely showed some wear and could need some repaint. The room itself was spacious with a somewhat nice king size bed.


King bed




King bed



A look into the bathroom was partly surprising and partly disgusting. The hanged towels were okay. They were as one would expect them to be at a Red Roof Inn. However, there were two or so towels placed on the edge of the bathtub that were as dirty as can be. They had all possible colors on them. Yuck! We laid them on the floor so we did not have to touch them (we always wear bathing shoes when taking a shower).







I admit I had to laugh when seeing the dispenser for shampoo and shower gel. Well, the shower gel part was empty, but that did not matter to me. I was happy to use my own stuff 😉 But really, I had never seen anything looking like that before.


Shampoo and shower gel dispenser

And I had seen toilets with an extra phone before. But that one looked just great 😉


Very interesting phone

It was also funny that it was absolutely obvious that this property was rebranded a couple times. We found different names on the iron and the toiletries (both were not Red Roof Inn).



The hallway was a little smelly, there were disgusting towels in our bathroom but we had a place to sleep, I could earn some Redicard Points, and it was funny to see a good example of branding consistency 😉

After all, we stayed there only night. So what. It was definitely not my favorite Red Roof Inn, but it was an experience.

To enjoy our stay in Fresno a little more we headed to a local Black Angus restaurant on the day of our arrival for dinner. This was something we were longing for for months! For me it was a special pleasure since I was invited by Karin. It was finally the time to make use of the personalized gift card she gave me as a Christmas present.

As usual, our dinner started with some warm molasses bread. Yummie, this is tasty. If only it did not have so many calories …


Dinner bread

We were delighted to find a new menu item that was not available last fall. Namely, the steak and salmon combination. I knew that one could pair a steak with either fried shrimp, grilled prawns, or a large lobster tail. Well, steak and salmon was a great combination. I love the flavor of grilled salmon as it is available at Black Angus. However, this is a portion that not really satisfies me. So I usually go with a steak, sometimes with a lobster tail or shrimps. Now this was like best of both worlds!

Since it was new to us we both chose steak and salmon. While Karin chose french fries and a salad as her sides, I went with french fries as well and steamed broccoli with some shaved parmesan.

Digital StillCamera




Steak and salmon with fries


Steak and salmon with fries and broccoli

This was some great dinner we had. The steaks were perfectly cooked to our likings. Mine was medium well and Karin’s was medium. The broccoli with parmesan were fantastic and the salmon. OMG, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and with lots of flavor.


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