First Points from HHonors Credit Card Posted

The wait is finally over and I don’t need to be nervous anymore. Early this year I applied for the Hilton HHonors Credit Card and almost two weeks later the card arrived in my mail.

And today the 10,000 welcome bonus points plus the points I earned by using the card posted to my HHonors account. It is funny that it was just yesterday that I contacted the card issuing bank and asked how long it is supposed to take for the points to actually post to my account. Before they were able to answer my information request I saw the updated account balance today.

I have to admit that I am a little bit relieved since I was afraid that for some reason something went wrong with the linking of my credit card account and my HHonors account. Now that the points have posted I can be assured that I will be granted gold status, too. Right now I have still gold status from last year when I successfully entered some valid number sequence that instantly gave gold status for one year.

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