Schedule and equipment changes

Last month I posted about my travel plans for 2013 including already booked flights. Since then there have already been a couple of schedule changes and one equipment change.

My first trip that consists of four flights already has two flights changed. The domestic leg from ATL to LAX both experienced an equipment change and a schedule change. The segment is now flown with a B757-200 instead of a B767-300. The flight departs ATL at 1925 and arrives at LAX at 2129. This results in a layover at ATL of 3:45h instead of 3:25h.

The last segment ATL to FRA has been moved to a little later time. It now is scheduled to leave ATL at 1625 and to arrive at FRA at 0755.

My second trip in July to New York starts later as planned. This flight now leaves FRA at 1345 and arrives at JFK at 1625.

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