Applied for Hilton HHonors Credit Card

Until recently I was not aware that there is such a thing as an HHonors credit card that is available in Germany. It was just yesterday that I saw a link when I checked my HHonors account.

After reading through the benefits etc. I decided to apply for one. Application starts with filling out an online form. After providing all important information a pdf file is created that needs to be printed out, signed, and brought to a post office for identification purposes (Postident).

Today, I printed out the file, signed it, and brought it to the nearest post office. Now my application is on its way and, in theory, within two weeks I should receive my new card … if approved. Well, I can’t imagine why my application should be declined.

The facts:

  • Complimentary HHonors Gold status as long as one has the card
  • Signup bonus of 10,000 HHonors points (no spending requirement)
  • 3 points per Euro spent at Hilton hotels
  • 2 points per Euro for all other spend
  • 10% off dining at Hilton hotels in Germany
  • Annual fee is 48 Euros

I really like the fact that this card will give me gold status. This means complimentary internet usage, chances for room upgrades, more points and/or complimentary breakfast.

The signup bonus is also welcomed. It’s almost worth the fee for the first year. Not completely, but with the gold status? I do think so and I am really excited.

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