Status at End of 2012

Here is an overview of my status with several loyalty programs that I have reached with this year’s end. Well, I haven’t earned each status the hard way by flying or staying enough. Sometimes it’s simply a credit card benefit. Anyway, here it goes.

Delta SkyMiles

Flew 27,152 miles and 10 segments. With 2,611 MQMs rolled over from 2011 I am at 29,763 MQMs right now and thus requalified for Silver Medallion. I also earned a total of 53,565 redeemable miles (from flying, dining, points transfers, car rentals, …) so my balance grew from 284,964 to 338,529 miles. My current Million Miler balance is 188,532 Million Miler Miles. Well, I have quite a distance to go yet to reach my first million. At current speed a little more than 30 years. Now that I have booked an award flight to New York in BE next summer my SkyMiles balance dropped to 138,529 (booked for Karin and I).

Hilton HHonors

After being complimentary Gold VIP this year thanks to hints given by several BoardingArea bloggers  I have earned Silver VIP status for 2013.  This year I had 5 stays, 5 nights, and earned 5,142 base points. My current point total is 73,400 HHonors points which is 28,286 points up from 45,114 points I had a year ago. Thanks to my status as a Gold VIP I was able to rack up 18,286 with only five nights, another 3,000 points came from a transfer of American Express Membership Rewards points, and, finally, 7,000 points came from a transfer of 8,000 Opinion Points from e-rewards.

Starwood Preferred Guest

My current and future status is Gold due to the fact that I carry an American Express Platinum Card. This year I had a total of 4 stays and 5 nights at Starwood hotels, though one one-night stay was with compliments of American Express, when I stayed at the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa for free. That was absolutely cool, our first and only time so far that we experienced a Presidential Suite at any property. Well, that makes 3 paid stays with 4 nights.

I started the year with 7,587 points and will end it with 13,014 points. That’s 5,427 points earned. They come from staying with gold bonuses, a few promotions, points transfers from American Express, Audience Rewards points, a survey I took for 1,000 points, and a few other things.

Choice Privileges

This year I had 9 stays with 10 nights and earned 26,677 points thanks to those 8,000 points promotions last spring and fall. I started with 245 points into this year and now I have 1,922 points after redeeming 25,000 points by transferring them to my Delta SkyMiles account giving me 5,000 miles.

With those ten nights I requalified for Gold status next year which will be my second year as a gold elite. I don’t know if I will requalify for gold in 2014 but it is possible. I don’t really see much value in this status. The only advantage is the 10% point bonus. The other benefits are of no use for me. But it is kinda cool to be golden 😉

Hertz #1 Club

Two vacation trips to the US resulted in two rentals with Hertz. My status is Gold though, thanks to my Amercian Express Platinum Card. I don’t collect points but miles instead. This year I earned 5,300 SkyMiles with my two rentals of twelve days each. Those 24 days give 4,800 miles since I am a Medallion plus a bonus of 500 miles for my last rental.

The other hotel loyalty programs I participate in are the Redicard program by Red Roof Inn and Wyndham Rewards, but there is no such thing as elite tiers with those programs.

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