Travel Plans 2013

I have already booked two trips to the US for next year.

A while ago I booked a flight to California in the second half of March, taking advantage of the Easter weekend to save two vacation days. The flight dates are as follows:

  • Sat, 03/16: FRA -> ATL DL 15 on a B767-400ER departing at 1015 and arriving at 1540 [Economy Comfort]
  • Sat, 03/16: ATL -> LAX DL 2255 on a B767-300 departing at 1905 and arriving at 2052 [Economy Comfort]
  • Fri, 03/29: LAX -> ATL DL 1754 on a B767-300 departing at 1200 and arriving at 1935 [Economy Comfort]
  • Sat, 03/30: ATL -> FRA DL 14 on a B767-400ER departing at 1615 and arriving at 0720 [Economy Comfort]

While we had a stopover in CVG on the return of our last trip this time we will stay one night in Atlanta. So we will be able to dine at our favorite restaurant there, a Ruby Tuesday on Sullivan Road in College Park. This restaurant is just across the street from two nice airport hotels, a Sheraton and a Hampton Inn.

The other trip is our very first award flight! Woohoo!

In early summer we will fly BusinessElite to New York:

  • Sun, 06/30:  FRA -> JFK DL 107 on a B767-300ER departing at 1205 and arriving at 1455
  • Fri, 07/05: JFK-> FRA DL 106 on a B767-300ER departing at 2000 and arriving at 1020

After finding low level availability only on the return flight for a couple days (and medium level for the outbound flight) yesterday I found low level availability for both flights and booked right away. Well, that is, right away after conferring with my girlfriend who will travel with me.

So, our flight to JFK in a premium cabin costs us 100,000 miles per person plus an insane amount of taxes and fees. Since our trip does not start in the US but in the EU we have to pay around $630 per person.

Not yet booked is a third trip to the States which will be in Q3 or Q4 of next year.

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