Fall 2012 Vacation in California: DL 14 ATL to FRA

After arriving at ATL on concourse T we entered the plane train and took the ride towards the new concourse F in the new new international terminal. It was our very first time getting there and it was fascinating and interesting how the train took twists and turns between concourses E and F, while the route is straight between the other concourses.

When getting off the train and up to the main level one is struck in awe by this beautiful new interior. The architecture is nice with a curved mezzanine level, blue light strips on the ceiling and a nice and huge chandelier dangling from atop.


New concourse F

We took the escalator upstairs to the level where the Delta Sky Club is located. The photo of the Sky Club taken from the escalator is a little blurred thanks to the motion and me not holding the camera steady enough.


View of Delta Sky Club from escalator

Upon reaching the upper level we took a glimpse through the window at the B767-400ER parked at gate F12. That was the aircraft taking us to FRA on our upcoming flight.


B767-400ER waiting at gate to fly us back home

We then entered the lounge and I showed the front desk agent my American Express Platinum card and my boarding pass. We were quickly checked in and welcomed to the lounge. We walked through the huge lounge to get to know the place a bit and to find a nice place to sit.

We found a table near the windows in the section between the bar and the shower rooms. We snacked a little, had a few coke zeros, some water, and a wine.


Enjoying some snacks and drinks

While doing some plane watching we saw something I hadn’t seen before. Well, I hadn’t seen it before in real life, only on pictures. A 747 painted in Delta colors.


A Delta B747

That was awesome.

After an hour or two we left the lounge and headed towards gate F12 to be there in time for boarding. As usual, boarding started with pre-boarding for families and people needing some assistence, followed by BusinessElite customers and then Sky Priority. As the fourth group zone 1 was called. This was our call 😉

We found our seats on the left side in the Economy Comfort section. We had seats 16 A, B which is in the second row of the economy cabin.

Again, we pushed back right on schedule and taxied out to a quick take-off. After a while dinner service began. We both took the chicken that came with some rice and the other usual goodies, like a small side salad, a bread roll, butter, crackers, cheese, and a brownie, yum. To drink I had a coke zero and we both took a Sky Breeze. The latter was prepared with Absolut Vodka not Skyy Vodka, like on our outbound flight from FRA to ATL.



For most of the flight we were pretty fast with strong tail winds. We traveled with 630+mph for most of the time.

During the flight I played a few games on the IFE or just watched the moving map. I did some sudoku puzzles and simply enjoyed the flight. Then I tried to sleep a little which I am not good at during flights. I guess I napped for a few minutes several times. When nearing Frankfurt breakfast was served which is not really worth a picture. I remember times not so long ago (after 2000) when breakfast consisted of a little more than nowadays. Well, we quickly ate it and that was it. The most important thing was to always get enough water during our flight.

Due to our high speeds we landed in Frankfurt early. And for the first time for us we landed on FRA’s new runway on the other side of the autobahn! Wow, that was quite some experience. We could see The Squaire while we passed right above it. After touchdown and a turn or two we crossed an overpass over the autobahn. The only little downside was that we had a long way to go to terminal 2. But while doing so we could watch a whole lot of other airplanes from airlines allover the world.

We then had to wait a little for another aircraft to leave our gate because we were so early. After a few minutes we were ready to taxi to our final parking position. After a few minutes we left the plane thanking the crew for their service.

Our vacation was over … it had been great and fantastic!

We are looking forward to our next trip to the States, which will be next year in March.

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