Fall 2012 Vacation in California: DL 1520 CVG to ATL

After checking out of the DoubleTree by Hilton CVG the shuttle brought us to the airport where we checked in. The check-in agent had to overcome a minor technical glitch but did that well. So after a few minutes we were checked in, got our boarding passes for both flights, to ATL and then to FRA, and our bags were on their way.

We quickly got through security and then headed to the Delta Sky Club. When we entered the lounge it was pretty much empty and it was easy to find a table near the windows.


Delta Sky Club


Delta Sky Club us-fall-12-0704sm.jpg



View out of lounge

As is the case with many Delta Sky Clubs there was no self serve bar, so we took turns in walking up to the bar to get us some drinks. The area with the breakfast spread was a little smallish but that was not much of a problem since there was not much traffic when we got there. So we got enough food for breakfast.


Breakfast spread

We ate a couple toasted bagels and some other pastries, had a few coke zeros and lots of water.


Our table

After an extensive breakfast we left the small but nice lounge and proceeded to our gate B5 where our plane, an MD88 was waiting for us.


MD88 flying us to ATL

We waited a while at the gate till boarding began. After boarding of the first class cabin and Sky Priority it was our time to board with zone 1. We sat in the Economy Comfort section of this flight in row 11 (the second row in the economy cabin) on the right side of the aisle. That was good, since there are two seats abreast on the right side, while there are three on the left side.

The flight is very short, just a little over one hour, so the lack of in-flight-entertainment on this aircraft is not a problem. As all domestic aircraft this one also provided wifi but I did not bother to use it. We had a few peanuts, coke zero, and in no time we suddenly landed in Atlanta. This was quite an enjoyable flight.


Coke zero and peanuts

After a little taxiing we parked at gate T8. I think it was the first time I ever got on or off an aircraft on the T concourse.

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