Fall 2012 Vacation in California: EconoLodge Near LAX

After one great night at the Sheraton Ontario Airport we checked out and crossed the street to get to the next Denny’s. We did not get upgraded to a club level room so we went there for breakfast.

Besides our usual iced tea we both built our own slams as we often do. Karin had egg whites, wheat toast, turkey bacon, and hash browns, while I went for scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, turkey bacon, hash browns, wheat toast, and wheat pancakes. After we were fed we were back on the road again.

Our next hotel was the EconoLodge near LAX which is only a short drive away. So what to do with this day? We didn’t know when we took off and just cruised along.

In Covina we exited I-10 and headed to the local Wal-Mart store. It was our first time we found our way to that place! I don’t know what usually went wrong. The only difference is that this time we came from the east. All other times we came from the west, exited after seeing Wal-Mart on the left, and then were lost, only able to find our way back to the interstate. We bought some fruit and I don’t know anymore what else. Then we headed back onto I-10 and cruised towards the west.

Somehow it happened that we found ourselves on the Pacific Coast Highway southbound. We passed through several beach cities until we reached Huntington Beach. Why not? We circled a little around until we found a place to park without the need to pay some fee.


Huntington Beach

We then walked to the beach where we snacked the fruit we had just bought at the Wal-Mart. We enjoyed the scenery and walked up and down the beach and also walked to the end of the pier to get a nice view of the beach. On our way back we entered one of the small shops to shop for some postcards.

After having a good time we got back to our car and drove towards Inglewood and surrounding area. There we were looking for a place to have dinner. We cruised along and kept looking but did not find anything really appealing to us. On our search we had some terrific views of the sun setting and planes getting in and out of LAX, but it was also ugly to drive with the low sun blinding.


Terrific view of sunset

After a lengthy search we finally decided to dine at Norma’s [Family] Restaurant on Century Boulevard. It had somewhat that flair of a family owned and operated non-chain restaurant. Kinda cool 😉


Norma’s Restaurant

Service could have been better and more attentive but the food was cheap and plentiful. Refills on our drinks, however, did not come quite promptly. This was maybe because we were not known to the owners, so no need to talk to us. Other guests, I guess, they were regulars, were served better. Well, at least we got what we ordered, did not have to leave hungry, and did not have to pay too much.

We both happened to order exactly the same stuff, pork ribs with fries, salad, soup, and diet coke. This came with a couple slices of complimentary garlic toast and some crackers for the salad. I don’t remember what kind of soup it was, but it was very thick. Oh yeah, there were also corn cobs served with the ribs. The ribs were good and the fries were better than those at Cassidy’s Family Restaurant in Elk Grove near Sacramento.


Soup and salad


Pork ribs


A table full of food

After dining we rolled out of the restaurant back into our car and headed towards our next bed that awaited us at the EconoLodge LAX, which is also located on Century Boulevard.


Parking lot and office building

There is no such thing as a lobby inside the office building, just a very tiny space and a check-in counter. The front desk agent is secured by thick glass, not like at typical motels. So it was a little complicated to check in but it worked. We were assigned room 216 which was simple but spacious. There was a king size bed, a table with two chairs, a desk, an old-fashioned television, and even a fridge.




King bed and table with chairs


Room with fridge


Sink and room in mirror 😉

The bathroom was also spacious and looked almost quite nice. Though the shower head was a little cute. Though this does not matter, it is the water pressure that counts, right? That was okay but this was definitely the worst temperature control we had during this trip. The temperature control thingy did not sit tightly and it was very difficult to turn it. I did my very best so that we did not get burnt and not frozen.






Faucet of bath and shower tub

Well, all in all, the only problem we had was the badly maintained temperature control. Beside from that the room was okay and very spacious. It was also very close to the airport so we did not have any problems to fill up our vehicle the next day, return it to Hertz, and get shuttled to the airport with lots of time.

I don’t know if I would choose this hotel again. Well, it depends. It does not look very promising from the outside, but the price is right.

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