Fall 2012 Vacation in California: DL 1814 LAX to CVG

After one night at the EconoLodge we checked out and headed towards Hertz. On our way there we filled up at a gas station to avoid an overpriced fuel purchase option when returning the car.

In no time we were at Hertz, returned the car without a hassle, and sat onboard the Hertz shuttle bus. We were brought quickly to LAX where we exited at terminal 5. Like with prior experiences the driver did not feel any urge to help us with our bags so there was no need for us to tip him. Great 😉

Inside the terminal building we checked in at one of the kiosks where I also paid our baggage fees for our second bags. Unfortunately, this flight does not count as part of an international itinerary because of the stopover.

After checking in at the kiosk we brought our bags to the baggage drop desk where the poor woman had to lift each bag from the scale over to the conveyor belt. This is some detail that is very outdated at LAX. Something I can’t remember I’ve ever seen at Frankfurt where bags are automatically moved from the scale to the baggage distribution system.

Well, after we got rid of our bags we almost raced through security we entered the Delta Sky Club. This club has a modern look and, something rarely seen in Delta Sky Clubs, it is equipped with a self serve bar. Very much appreciated!


Self serve bar

We enjoyed a nice breakfast there with a few toasted bagels and some other tasty stuff. Also some wine and coke zeros.


Breakfast at Sky Club


 Breakfast buffet

After a lengthy breakfast I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up. Then we went to gate 50B where we waited a few minutes to board our flight to Cincinnati.


Our B737-800 waiting to bring us to CVG

We boarded the flight in zone 1 which comes due to our status as Silver Medallions and the fact that we were seated in Economy Comfort.

We sat on the right side of the aisle in seats 11 D, E. We left the gate right on time and after a short taxi it did not take long until takeoff. As it is usually the case at LAX we started out over the Pacific before we turned back towards the mainland.

After reaching our cruising altitude the flight attendants started service and I bought us both a chicken caesar wrap and a margarita each. The wraps were delicious and the margarita was excellent. Of course, cocktails onboard are expensive, but they are oh so good. That’s the way to fly, isn’t it?


Pretzels, wraps, margarita, coke zero

Our flight was very quick with strong tailwinds. For most of the flight we had ground speeds of well above 600mph. Often it was between 640 and 650 miles per hour!

So that was really a quick, comfortable and nice flight.

When we landed at CVG the flight attendant on the PA reminded us that we had arrived a little more than 20 minutes early. She said, that next time we were late we should remember how early we were this time 😉

She gave us a good chuckle, but in the end, she was right.

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