Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Sleep Inn & Suites Bakersfield

After we checked out of the Days Inn & Suites in Hayward we traveled down south towards Gilroy. Somewhere along our way we stopped at a Wal-Mart to stock up on some stuff like bread and beverages. Inside the Wal-Mart building we had breakfast at a Subway restaurant. We both ate a footlong Subway Club.

Then we went on to the Gilroy Premium Outlets to do some more shopping (there is always something to look for, stuff for ourselves and for our friends and family back home).

After some shopping we hit the road again towards Bakersfield. We stopped at some rest area on our way for a quick snack (bread and fat free cheese).

Finally, we reached Bakersfield and our next accomodation, the Sleep Inn & Suites. It was our very first stay at a Sleep Inn and I immediately liked that it comes with interior corridors but at a low price. We quickly checked in and were assigned room 110.






Entry into room 110

We went a nice and spacious room with high ceilings and a really large bathroom. Interestingly, the sign on the door to the room implicated that this room was accessible. Well, this might explain the spaciousness to allow moving around easily. However, I did not see any grab bars in the bathroom. And there was no walk-in shower but a soaking tub with a shower head. Since we didn’t need accessible features there was no reason for us to complain. Instead, we enjoyed the room we had.


King bed


Desk with chair


A little fridge and a microwave







After settling in we got back into our car and drove to the nearest Black Angus Steakhouse to have some dinner. As always we enjoyed some delicious food and great service. Karin had a grilled king salmon with wild rice and a salad, accompanied with a diet pepsi and a glass of a nice merlot. I had a filet mignon and fried shrimps with french fries and broccoli. To quench my thirst I had a couple diet pepsis. Yummie, the salmon and the steak were oh so good!




King salmon with wild rice


Filet mignon and fried shrimps with french fries and broccoli

After dinner we got back to our room at the Sleep Inn and did what? Right, we slept 😉

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