Fall 2012 Vacation in California: San Francisco Day 3

Now that we stayed the night at a property in Hayward it was a no-brainer to again use Hayward station to take a BART train to San Francisco. As usual we exited at Powell Street and turned immediately into Westfield City Centre. We explored the food court to decide where to have breakfast (or brunch, lunch, or whatever you want to call it).

We decided to enter Bristol Farms that offered a couple different buffets where you could stuff your cardboard box with all you wanted and then paid at the checkout counter per weight.

After circling all different buffets that were priced differently we then decided to help ourselves at the Asian inspired My Chef Buffet. We paid and seated us at one of the tables in the middle of the food court. Unfortunately, the curry or some other ingredients used in some stuff Karin had chosen started to talk to her stomach so she could not really enjoy her meal. The stuff was delicious though and I liked the buffet-style used by Bristol Farms. It was definitely different from our typical  Denny’s breakfast or from typical buffets found at hotels.

I found it great tasting and priced reasonly.


Food from Bristol Farms

After we were fed we went outside and walked up Powell Street a bit to catch a cable car. After a while we were able to catch one and hang onto it until near the Cable Car Museum and Powerhouse where we exited. It is a great place to spend some time, to see how the cables of all four lines are moved at a constant speed of about 9.75 miles per hour around giant wheels, powered by powerful electric motors.


Cable Car Museum



There are a couple of historic cars on display. All of them from different companies that once ran an impressive number of lines in San Francisco. There were also several educating tables detailing how cable cars work. How the driver can grab or drop the cable, how he can increase or decrease the grip to move the car at full or a lesser speed. Quite interesting and very fascinating. It was easy to forget time inside there. And the best part: entrance is free!

When we had enough and exited the museum we studied the map to decide where to go next or to wait for a cable car or bus or whatever. So we happened to walk this and then that street, crossed Chinatown which was also quite fascinating. We did not really stop anywhere since we were not that much interested in immersing ourselves into this type of culture and shops. Nevertheless, it was interesting to go through there.

We then came near the Coit tower. Initially, I had suggested to get near there and then take a bus up the road. But then I decided otherwise and we crawled up that steep road. Lots of people won’t understand why this was a big deal for us. Yes, fear of heights is some irrational bs. It does not make sense, but what are we gonna do? For some reason it was very difficult to walk up the street and to cross all those other streets going back down at some stupid grade.


Walking up to Coit tower

Well, we made it! We reached the tower and enjoyed the views we had. Cool! After staying a while up there we then boarded a bus that brought us to Fisherman’s Wharf. That was also quite interesting how the bus driver handled the driving up and down those steep roads. With the length of the vehicle it was not so easy to get across crossroads. At least once the front end hit the roadway.

After reaching Fisherman’s Wharf we walked up and down Pier 39, got us our welcome gift that included a coupon book and then went to the Fog Harbor Fish House to have dinner.


Fog Harbor Fish House

We started with bleu cheese garlic bread as an appetizer and diet sodas. Karin chose the Mixed Grill and a Chardonnay to go along with that. I had the Fried Combo and sticked to my diet soda. We enjoyed our meal and the view outside.


Garlic bread with bleu cheese


Mixed Grill and a chardonnay


Fried Combo

After dinner we took the F train back to Market Street at Powell Street and then took the BART train back to Hayward. Well, actually, we had to transfer at Bay Fair again. But ultimately we got to Hayward station and drove back to the Days Inn where we stayed another night before leaving the bay area.

This was another great day with visiting the cable car museum, the Coit tower, having dinner at a nice seafood restaurant and using a number of different public transportation methods.

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