Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Days Inn & Suites in Hayward

After our second day in San Francisco and dinner at the Black Angus Steakhouse in San Lorenzo we drove to the Days Inn & Suites in Hayward where we had booked a room for two nights. It was tough luck for that hotel that we came there after our two-night stay at the W Silicon Valley.

Last year we stayed at a different Days Inn in Hayward where we sometimes had problems to find an empty slot on its parking lot. Luckily, we did not have that problem this time. They are a little tight but it was still okay.


Look over parking lot

We were quickly checked in and were assigned room 204. We carried our bags upstairs and entered the room. After a short inspection we noticed that the towels were dirty and stained. Really ugly. I took them all and went downstairs to the office and requested fresh ones. The front desk agent got me some fresh ones. Well, of course they were no match for towels you get in a hotel like a W, but they were not as stinky and stained like the ones we had before.

The room was quite okay, especially when considering that we paid around $55 per night including tax. It was not modern and equipped with an old CRT television. But we had a fridge and a microwave. We had no use for the microwave but I am always happy about a fridge.












Antsy sink

Everything was working, the water pressure and temperature control of the shower were decent and the hairdryer worked, which is important for Karin. One thing we did not like about this property and the room was the number of ants crawling around. I don’t know how many I killed in the bathroom and around the sink.






Dirty towel

What was kinda funny was the fact that on our arrival night several Oakland and Pittsburgh fans also stayed at this property and did a little party outside one of their rooms. They had a portable grill for cooking some food and emptied a couple cans of beer. They weren’t very loud or rude, just having fun — together, which was great to see.

We did not pay a lot for that room but I guess we won’t return to this place. In the future I will look for different accomodations for stays in the area. Of course, it didn’t stand good chances since we came there after staying at the W, but with all the ants and the dirty towels it was not much of fun to stay there. The best part was to see that guys having a good time together.

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