Fall 2012 Vacation in California: San Francisco Day 2

After our second night at the W Silicon Valley we checked out, drove to Hayward BART station and took the BART train to San Francisco Powell Street Station. On that day the Oakland Raiders played the Pittsburgh Steelers. We saw lots of folks heading towards the stadium while we passed through Oakland. Since it was a Sunday we could not take the direct line but had to transfer at Bay Fair station. Just like the night before on our return trip from San Francisco to Hayward.

In San Francisco we walked through the Westfield City Centre and headed to the next Denny’s Diner to have some breakfast. This Denny’s is a little oddly structured with a windy and cold atmosphere. And we knew we had to pay the S.F. premium, but what’re you gonna do? We were hungry and needed to eat something.

Karin had the Hickory Chicken Sandwich while I ordered a Lumberjack Slam, choosing wheat toast as my bread selection, and replacing the sausage links with a chicken sausage patty.


Hickory Chicken Sandwich


Lumberjack Slam

After breakfast we did some shopping at the Adidas store and then headed up Powell Street to catch a cable car at one of the next stops. We had to let a couple cable cars pass by till we were able to board one. This time we both had to hang on the outside. We rode it until we crossed Lombard Street where we exited and walked down the crookedest street of this fantastic world. This piece of road is always very fascinating!


View up Lombard Street


View down Lombard Street including iconic Coit tower

We stopped at the next crossing and shot a couple photographs while taking care to not block the roadways as many people do.

Then we walked here and there and I don’t remember our route anymore. We just enjoyed a beautiful day. After some walking here and there we then went to Ghirardelli Square to do some chocolate tasting and buying. After strolling around the shop for nearly an eternity we were finally able to decide on what to buy.

When we were done we walked up Hyde Street a bit to catch a cable car that brought us back to Market Street. Again, we had to cling to the outside for most of way. A few blocks from Market Street we were able to sit down.

When we arrived at the turntable we hopped off, went over to the BART station and took the train back to Hayward (again with a transfer at Bay Fair). We left Hayward station, got to our car and drove to the Black Angus Steakhouse in San Lorenzo to have some great dinner there.

After a sweet and delicious molasses bread Karin had a filet mignon steak topped with bleu cheese and mushrooms. Her sides were mashed potatoes and a salad with ranch dressing. I went for the combination of a filet mignon steak and fried shrimps. My sides were french fries and also a salad with ranch dressing. We both emptied a couple diet pepsis and Karin also had a glass of merlot.


Fresh and crispy salad


Filet mignon with fried shrimps and french fries


Bleu cheese and mushroom filet mignon with mashed potatoes

After we were fed we took off to our next accomodation, the Days Inn & Suites in Hayward.

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