Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Shopping, Dining

After we had checked out of the nice Red Roof Inn we left Sacramento towards San Francisco, passing Davis and other cities along the way. Somewhere between Sacramento and Vacaville we left the interstate and steered to a Wal-Mart, where we shopped for some food and beverages and had a late breakfast or early lunch at an in-house Subway. Karin had a footlong turkey breast and I had a footlong club on flatbread. We enjoyed our meal, refilled our diet cokes, and left Wal-Mart.

Our next stop were the Vacaville Premium Outlets, where we did some further shopping. Mostly we were looking for stuff for friends and relatives back home.

We left the outlet center in the late afternoon and drove to Martinez to visit a friend who lives there and works in Berkeley. He recently moved into his new house which he hadn’t yet seen in real life. We arrived at his house shortly before he got home from work, so we had a little time to take a look at it from the outside. It looked very nice!

When he arrived we heartily welcomed each other and went inside where he showed us around. Very nice, very nice, but I won’t share any photos to ensure his privacy.

After getting to know his house a bit we took off to a nearby Black Bear Diner to have some great dinner. When I heard we would be joined by some other colleagues of our friend, all of them people we knew from some earlier visits to California, I hoped to earn quite some miles when paying the whole check. Unfortunately, we were handed separate checks. Bummer 🙁

Well, better than nothing, we had some time with some friends, had a nice dinner, and were at least able to earn some miles for what we had ourselves.

Karin had some delicious pork ribs with fries and a salad, a diet soda, and a Merlot. I chose a ribeye steak which was great. My side choices also were fries and a salad. And I had a diet soda, but no wine.

After sitting there relatively long with lots of talking and laughing we finally made it to pay our checks and leave the place. We got back to our friend’s house where our car was parked and then we continued to Newark where a Spectacular Suite at the W Silicon Valley was waiting for us!

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