Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Travelodge in Merced

After leaving Yosemite NP we drove to Merced where we had booked a room at the Travelodge Merced Yosemite. I had booked a king bed room but the guy at the front desk in the tiny office building offered me to take a room with two queen beds instead. It was not that no king bed room was available but he said, a two bed room would offer more space.


Office building


Right and middle building

He then gave me two keys to two different rooms and said we could check them both out and decide which one we would take.  Now that’s interesting and something that had never happened to me before. Okay then, we quickly inspected the two rooms and decided to keep room #120 which was equipped with two queen beds. Indeed, the king bed room was a little compact with not much space around the bed.

The other room was not that much larger but it smelled better and did not have a hole in the wall! Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the room we did not take. There was a large hole in the wall that perfectly fit the door handle 😉

Well, I walked back to the office, handed the guy the other key and said, we were keeping room #120.


Room 120


Room with two queen beds


Two beds, tiny desk with chair, fridge and microwave and tvus-fall-12-0273sm.jpg

View from one of the beds


Two beds


Bathroom with bathtub and toilet





Then we settled in, I snapped a few photos, and then we got back into our car to drive to the Black Bear Diner in Merced, where we had some nice dinner.

Karin had a small top sirloin steak with mashed potatoes, veggies, and a salad, while I had a BBQ ribs and tri-tip steak combo with green beans and a salad. We both enjoyed our food which was very good. Since Karin does not like corn bread that much I got to eat both of them, yummie!


Our salads and the corn bread muffins


Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes


Pork ribs with tri-tip steak, fries, and green beans


Some cute bottle of Merlot

After dinner we got back to our room where we wrote a couple postcards before getting to sleep. The next morning we checked out, had breakfast at a Denny’s and then headed to Sacramento.

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