Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Merced to Sacramento, Red Roof Inn

After checking out of the Travelodge in Merced we stopped at a Denny’s near CA-99 to have breakfast. Karin and I built our own slams. Karin had hash browns, egg whites, turkey bacon, fruit, and wheat toast. I had hash browns, scrambled eggs, grilled ham, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, and wheat toast. It was good as always! We both decided to drink iced tea, our typical choice when at Denny’s the last few years.


Karin’s slam


My slam (plus toast)

After breakfast we continued north on CA-99 towards Sacramento. Next stop on our way was the Hilmar Cheese Company where we tasted some cheese and bought our favorite rub for steaks, poultry, and stuff. After spending some time and money at Hilmar Cheese’s visitor center we got back on our way and after a short drive arrived in Sacramento.

We steered towards Old Sacramento where we parked in some parking structure near the river and explored the historic blocks there. We also crossed this nice bridge, the Tower Bridge, and walked a little bit along the other side of the river before returning to Old Sacramento.


Tower Bridge in Sacramento

One thing I remember we took a closer look at in this historic area was the schoolhouse museum with a single classroom. I used it to study a little bit. What did I study? Except the furniture, pictures, and stuff, it was the guestbook.


 This is so old school 😉

After sipping some refreshing drink and having a turkey sandwich at a small coffee shop we walked towards downtown Sacramento and paid a short visit to the capitol building.


State capitol


No governator no more

After leaving the state capitol we walked back to our car and drove towards our next place for the night. But first we stopped at Cassidy’s Family Restaurant to have some dinner. This was one of the places I had researched as a restaurant participating in the SkyMiles Dining program so it was a good chance to have some hearty dinner and receive some miles on top.

Well, the place looked a bit cheap which is not really a problem. The prices on the menu were also moderate. My steak was okay but all in all the food was not very tasty. Karin had chicken breast with fries, green beans, and a salad while I had a ribeye steak with fries, green beans, and a salad. Our dinner also came with some garlic bread, which was a nice treat.

Karin’s chicken breast was not the best and the fries were, well, on the pictures they almost look better than they were, which tells a lot I think.


Chicken breast with fries and green beans


Ribeye steak with fries and green beans

After dinner we finally got to the Red Roof Inn where we were given room 215. When we arrived we were already a little bit enlightened by the nice exterior of the hotel.




Entry to room 215

When entering the room it was easy to see that this is one of the remodeled and renovated properties with a fresh and elegant appearance. We enjoyed our stay there. The bed was very comfortable. Not like one at a Hilton, Westin and the like, but still quite good.


King bed

The room was outfitted with a desk and a nice chair, a fridge and a microwave oven. Usually, we don’t need no microwave but to have a fridge is nice to keep our water and coke zero cold.


Desk, microwave, flatscreen tv


Fridge, microwave, tv


King bed









We had a good night and the following morning, after showering, we watched on tv how the Endeavor passed over Sacramento. That was kinda cool.

After dressing and packing we checked out to get on to our next destination. We left this property well rested and headed towards the Bay area to meet a friend who lives near Berkeley.

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