Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Comfort Inn in Mariposa

Between the two days in Yosemite NP we stayed at the Comfort Inn in Mariposa. We arrived there in the late afternoon and were quickly checked in. We were given room 153, which was, surprisingly, on the second floor.



We carried our bags up a flight of stairs and entered our room.


Room #153

It was quite spacious with not only a king sized bed, a desk with comfortable chair, and a flatscreen tv, but also an area with a couch.



Unfortunately, there was no extra table in front of the couch but we didn’t spend so much time there, so that was no problem for us.




Desk and flatscreen tv

The bathroom consisted of a toilet, a bathtub with a shower, and a single sink with enough space for spreading out our toiletry stuff. Luckily, the shower worked fine. No problem with water pressure or temperature control.






Bathtub with shower

After checking in and spreading out in the room we left and walked around in the city of Mariposa. After walking up and down the main road we decided to have dinner at Bett’s Gold Coin Sports Tavern. This was definitely better than the place where we had dinner the night before.

Ordering with the guy who servd us was somewhat funny. We ordered our food, where I had a steak. Of course, he asked me how I’d wanted it to be cooked. I said, medium well, which is my usual choice. Luckily, he repeated what he had understood, which was medium rare! So we could rectify that. Alright. Karin wanted to have a wine with her fish and chips. Because of the fish she decided to have a white wine, not a red one, so she chose a Chardonnay.

He left our table only to return a short moment later, asking her, which wine she had chosen, „Was it the Cabernet or the Merlot?“ „Uh, neither of them. Chardonnay.“ „Oh, right. And you wanted the steak medium rare, right?“ For some reason I was quick with affirming that without really thinking. Or better, with some slow thinking. So I quickly corrected myself 😉

Of course, we both then got what we had ordered, despite several misunderstandings and backs and forths.


Fish and Chips


Steak with fries and some carrots

When we were finished we walked back to our lodging but stopped at a historic jail to check it out. It was almost a little spooky at night 😉

The next morning we had breakfast at the Comfort Inn, checked out, and took off to our second day at the Yosemite NP.

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