Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Comfort Inn in Oakhurst

After our delicious breakfast at the Embassy Suites we hit the road and traveled to Oakhurst which lies on CA-41 between Fresno and the Yosemite NP. This was quite a nice drive with changing scenery, no difficult mountain roads, beautiful weather, plentiful sunshine, and, last but not least, we were on a vacation!

Somewhere between LA and Oakhurst, I don’t remember where exactly it was,  we stopped at a Subway to have a quick lunch. Karin had a 6″ turkey sub and I had a roasted chicken salad.

We then continued on to our today’s destination and arrived there in the late afternoon. The Comfort Inn is easy to found on the main road (CA-41) on the right side.

Right in front of the property we found an interesting motorcycle that immediately caught our eye. Weird stuff you sometimes find …


Weird stuff …

We then checked in and were given room #143. The hotel consists of three buildings (plus office building) that are arranged in a triangular form. Room #143 was in the middle building (or the backside building).

The room itself was spacious and quite nice with a decently comfortable king bed, a couch, flatscreen tv, fridge, and microwave.


King bed


Desk with tv and fridge with microwave


Reverse view of room


Couch with table



The bathroom was small but functional with a toilet and a bath tub with shower head. The water pressure was okay and the temperature control was quite easy.




Bathtub with shower

After we had checked in we walked a bit around the town of Oakhurst looking for a place to have dinner. We couldn’t decide for a while since nothing really overwhelmed us from the outside look. Well, we finally entered the Yosemite Gateway Restaurant & Lounge. I am not sure if that was the best choice we could make.

Karin ordered the Fettucine Alfredo with chicken, a Merlot, and a diet soda (don’t remember if they served Coke or Pepsi). I had a NY steak with fries, a soup, and a salad from the salad bar, a margarita, and also a diet soda. I don’t know exactly why but often I don’t like NY steak but luckily it was quite good. Karin was not totally pleased with the taste of her pasta and her chicken. So the food had some pluses and some minuses. Service definitely could have been better. It took some time to get refills on our sodas or the check. Well, we are used to better service.

At least we did not have to go to bed hungry 😉

The next morning we decided to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast so we could save some bucks.


Complimentary breakfast

We enjoyed our breakfast as well as our stay at this property. As usual, we both enjoy our stays at hotels like Hilton, Sheraton, and the like as well as properties like Comfort Inn, Days Inn, etc. Well they are not all the same but this was a better one.

After breakfast we checked out and headed to Yosemite NP!

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