Fall 2012 Vacation in California: Embassy Suites Ontario Airport

  • Introduction
  • Flight DL 15 FRA to ATL
  • Flight DL 2155 ATL to LAX
  • Hilton LAX, Hertz
  • Embassy Suites Ontario Airport
  • Comfort Inn in Oakhurst
  • Yosemite NP
  • Comfort Inn in Mariposa
  • Travelodge Merced
  • Merced to Sacramento, Red Roof Inn
  • Shopping, Dining
  • W Silicon Valley
  • San Francisco Day 1
  • San Francisco Day 2
  • Days Inn & Suites in Hayward
  • San Francisco Day 3
  • Sleep Inn & Suites Bakersfield
  • Sheraton Ontario Airport
  • EconoLodge Near LAX
  • Flight DL 1814 LAX to CVG
  • DoubleTree by Hilton CVG
  • Flight DL 1520 CVG to ATL
  • Flight Delta 14 ATL to FRA

After picking the Nissan Quest from Hertz Gold Choice we drove to Ontario where we first went to the Target store near the Ontario Mills to get some bottled water, coke zero, some wine, and maybe some stuff for people back home. We know some crazy people who hunger for cereals and stuff available in the US but not in Germany.

Well, we already have some experience traveling around the US but we certainly and by far don’t have the knowledge of locals. Before getting to Target we saw a Sam’s Club store. I knew that they sell larger boxes, packs, and stuff. But I was not aware that this Club thing in their name really means club. So we threw some stuff into our shopping cart, went to checkout, and the cashier asked us for our membership card. „We don’t have one.“ „Well, then you can’t buy here, sorry. You can go to customer service and sign up.“ Okay, we went straight to customer service and I asked about possible memberships. After I learned what the minimum cost was we decided to leave the cart stranded, left the store, and went over to Target. I am sure that Sam’s Club is great for people living in the US, but not for us. I can’t believe it took me almost 12 years (my first visit to the US was in October 2000) to find that out 😉

After we stocked up at Target and did some first shopping at the Mills we drove over to the Embassy Suites Ontario Airport and checked in. The hotel is very modern and looks different from typical Embassy Suites hotels. Different but still very nice. We liked it. Checking in was done quickly and efficiently. We were assigned suite #811.




Door to suite #811

We were brought to our room by a friendly associate who seemed to do everything except staffing front desk, bar, or restaurant. But he cleaned the parking lot, carried our bags, and drove the shuttle. After entering our suite I wanted to tip him but he kindly declined. Well, I can live with that 😉 He was also so kind to tell us that the complimentary shuttle not only takes guests to/from the airport but also restaurants within a reasonable radius (3 or 5 miles).

The entrance to the suite led to the living room area with the wet bar being directly to the left and the bathroom to the right. After passing the bathroom there was another door on the right connecting the living room with the bedroom. The bathroom was also accessible from the bedroom which created a nice circle.


Desk and couch


TV and door to bedroom


Desk and wet bar




TV in bedroom


View of living room from bedroom

Like the whole suite the bathroom was very clean. The water pressure and temperature control of the glass-enclosed shower was excellent.


Bedroom door to bathroom


Sink in bathroom



This was the first Embassy Suites hotel where we arrived early enough to take advantage of the Evening Manager’s Reception so we took the elevator back down to the lobby and checked out the evening reception. Well, there were no snacks served and the selection of complimentary beverages was a little bit restricted but we found something we could sip while relaxing.

Since I had been reassured by front desk staff that we could use the shuttle bus to get to a restaurant within the specified radius I was able to not restrict myself to non-alcoholic beverages. While Karin enjoyed a Merlot I had a Bud Light and Diet Coke.

Then we were shuttled over to the nearby Black Angus Steakhouse where we had some great dinner. Karin had some great looking and tasting salmon with the steak soup and fries and a Chardonnay, while I chose the steak & shrimp combo (sirloin and fried shrimps) with a salad and fries, accompanied with a Diet Pepsi and a strawberry margarita. We both had some water, too.


Salmon with fries


Steak & fried shrimps with fries


Strawberry margarita

The food was very good and the server was friendly and attentive. The only downside was that I didn’t think that the margarita was not quite to my taste. I don’t know what it was, but I guess I often had better ones.

After we had paid the check we went outside and I called the hotel telling them we were ready to be picked up. In a matter of a few minutes the van was there and brought us back to the hotel. Now this time I was able to tip the guy, yeah!

The next morning we headed down to the restaurant for having breakfast. This hotel lacks the typical atrium setting but this did not affect the quality of the food which was as expected. That is, we liked it 😉


Omelet, bacon, potatoes, eggs, toast, and fruit


 Fountain area


Hot food selection


Omelet bar



After breakfast we went upstairs, packed our stuff, and checked out of this beautiful hotel to take on the road towards our next stop, Oakhurst!

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