Fall 2012 Vacation in California: DL 2155 ATL to LAX

  • Introduction
  • Flight DL 15 FRA to ATL
  • Flight DL 2155 ATL to LAX
  • Hilton LAX, Hertz
  • Embassy Suites Ontario Airport
  • Comfort Inn in Oakhurst
  • Yosemite NP
  • Comfort Inn in Mariposa
  • Travelodge Merced
  • Merced to Sacramento, Red Roof Inn
  • Shopping, Dining
  • W Silicon Valley
  • San Francisco Day 1
  • San Francisco Day 2
  • Days Inn & Suites in Hayward
  • San Francisco Day 3
  • Sleep Inn & Suites Bakersfield
  • Sheraton Ontario Airport
  • EconoLodge Near LAX
  • Flight DL 1814 LAX to CVG
  • DoubleTree by Hilton CVG
  • Flight DL 1520 CVG to ATL
  • Flight Delta 14 ATL to FRA

We landed in Atlanta right on time and taxied to our gate. We deplaned and walked towards immigration where we had a short line. However, it was somewhat the slowest one.

Eventually we were approved to enter the US and descended to baggage claim. When we had retrieved our bags we proceeded through customs where I passed my customs form to a friendly officer.

Funnily, she greeted me with the words, „Welcome home.“ Nice to hear these words away from home 😉 After landing in Atlanta, getting through immigration and customs control, we rechecked our bags and took the plane train to concourse A where we visited one of the Delta Sky Clubs there.

We enjoyed some small snacks and a couple beverages. I brushed my teeth, refreshed myself, and then we left the lounge to board our plane to LAX at gate A25.

Again, we boarded with zone 1 and settled into our seats which were 11 A, B. We left the gate right on schedule, taxied to the runway, and took off, continuing our journey to California.

On board this flight we enjoyed smoked turkey and provolone sandwiches from the EATS menu and margaritas (one each). I also like Sky Breeze, but I was happy that Delta offered margaritas on domestic flights. I think the sandwich tasted good, and the margarita was very nice.

We had a pleasant flight and I marvelled at what I saw when flying over the Texan panhandle, crossing into New Mexico. I guess I saw parts of Palo Duro Canyon. From then on the view was just amazing with all those canyons and stuff. Or the massive array of wind generators near Palm Springs. Shortly thereafter we started approaching LAX where we landed safely.

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