Fall 2012 Vacation in California: DL 15 FRA to ATL

  • Introduction
  • Flight DL 15 FRA to ATL
  • Flight DL 2155 ATL to LAX
  • Hilton LAX, Hertz
  • Embassy Suites Ontario Airport
  • Comfort Inn in Oakhurst
  • Yosemite NP
  • Comfort Inn in Mariposa
  • Travelodge Merced
  • Merced to Sacramento, Red Roof Inn
  • Shopping, Dining
  • W Silicon Valley
  • San Francisco Day 1
  • San Francisco Day 2
  • Days Inn & Suites in Hayward
  • San Francisco Day 3
  • Sleep Inn & Suites Bakersfield
  • Sheraton Ontario Airport
  • EconoLodge Near LAX
  • Flight DL 1814 LAX to CVG
  • DoubleTree by Hilton CVG
  • Flight DL 1520 CVG to ATL
  • Flight Delta 14 ATL to FRA

We arrived well ahead of 7am at Frankfurt Airport and found a short line at check-in. So it was just a matter of a couple minutes till we had checked in. We received our boarding passes for the two flights DL 15 and DL 2155, dropped our checked bags, and walked off.

After clearing passport control we headed straight for the Sky Lounge situated opposite gate D8, only a short distance from security checkpoint for gates D5-8. We entered the lounge, handed our Priority Pass membership cards and boarding passes to the agent, and got checked in quickly.

We found a table near the window and had some nice breakfast there. What I like about the Sky Lounge in Frankfurt is the self serve area where you can help yourself to food and beverages. We had some bread rolls with nutella, jam, and other bread spreads, diet cokes, and some sparkling wine. This is always a nice start into our vacation trip to the US.

A couple minutes after 9 we left the lounge and headed to the security checkpoint. The line was not too long and we got through quickly. At the gate we took a look at our plane, a B767-400ER, and waited another few minutes before boarding started.

We were a little bit astonished how our fellow passengers behaved. They all waited nicely till their zone was called for boarding. In the past we had experienced it a little differently with crowds blocking access to the line for people who were already eligible for boarding. After preboarding, BusinessElite customers, and Sky Priority boarding it was time for us to board in zone 1.

We settled into our seats in Economy Comfort, seats 16 F and G. Though we were not the first to board in economy we found plenty of space in the overhead bin above our seats.

While taxiing to our runway, we saw a Singapore Airlines A380 at terminal 1. Always amazing to see this bird. After a few minutes we reached the runway and, finally, took off! Up, up, and away, in our beautiful Delta plane!

After we had reached our flight altitude service began. We both chose to have a coke zero and a Sky Breeze. Something we were longing for for months.

For lunch we both chose the chicken with spinach, some cheesy cream, and mashed potatoes. This came with a salad, a bread roll, some crackers, chocolate cookies, cheese, and butter as sides. It’s nothing really spectacular but I always like it and find it somewhat tasty.


Lunch on our flight from ATL to FRA

After crossing the pond we came very close to New York, which was very impressive to view from high above. Amazing!

After New York, a snack was served, a Panoz‘ Vegetariano (instead of the Pizza that was usually served) and some ice cream. Karin does not like the pizza, or this panoz‘, because her stomach gets angry with the tomato sauce. So she had brought some bread and some liver sausage with her, that she ate instead. And I got her panoz‘ — yummie!


Panoz‘ Vegetariano

We landed in Atlanta right on time and taxied to our gate. We deplaned and walked towards immigration where we had a short line. However, it was somewhat the slowest one. Eventually we were approved to enter the US and descended to baggage claim. When we had retrieved our bags we proceeded through customs where I passed my customs form to a friendly officer. Funnily, she greeted me with the words, „Welcome home.“ Nice to hear these words away from home 😉

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