Fall 2012 Vacation in California

  • Introduction
  • Flight DL 15 FRA to ATL
  • Flight DL 2155 ATL to LAX
  • Hilton LAX, Hertz
  • Embassy Suites Ontario Airport
  • Comfort Inn in Oakhurst
  • Yosemite NP
  • Comfort Inn in Mariposa
  • Travelodge Merced
  • Merced to Sacramento, Red Roof Inn
  • Shopping, Dining
  • W Silicon Valley
  • San Francisco Day 1
  • San Francisco Day 2
  • Days Inn & Suites in Hayward
  • San Francisco Day 3
  • Sleep Inn & Suites Bakersfield
  • Sheraton Ontario Airport
  • EconoLodge Near LAX
  • Flight DL 1814 LAX to CVG
  • DoubleTree by Hilton CVG
  • Flight DL 1520 CVG to ATL
  • Flight Delta 14 ATL to FRA

Karin and I spent this year’s fall (actually, late summer/early fall) vacation in California, visiting Yosemite NP, San Francisco, and a couple friends living in the Bay Area.

We started our two-week vacation on Saturday, September 15, flying Delta Air Lines from Frankfurt to LAX via Atlanta. On Friday, September 28, we flew from LAX to CVG, and on Saturday, September 29, we departed towards Frankfurt, again via Atlanta.

In summary, the flights were

  • 09/15: FRA->ATL DL 15 on a B767-400ER departing at 1015 and arriving at 1425 [Economy Comfort]
  • 09/15: ATL->LAX DL 2155 on a B767-300 departing at 1745 and arriving at 1934 [Economy Comfort]
  • 09/28: LAX->CVG DL 1814 on a B737-800 departing at 1157 and arriving at 1908 [Economy Comfort]
  • 09/29: CVG->ATL DL 1520 on a MD-88 departing at 1200 and arriving at 1328 [Economy Comfort]
  • 09/29: ATL->FRA DL 14 on a B767-400ER departing at 1635 and arriving at 0755 (+1 day) [Econmoy Comfort]

I’d loved to stop over in Atlanta instead of Cincinnati on our way back home, because I love to dine at Ruby Tuesday. And there is one conveniently located across the street from both, a Sheraton and a Hampton Inn near the airport. However, I wasn’t able to find decent rates for our flights. So we chose the alternate route via CVG.

So no dining at Ruby Tuesday in Atlanta, but therefore we saved a decent amount of money and, to top it off, earned more miles.

All in all we had a great time, enjoyed our flights, hotel stays, rental car, the sights, and everything. It was great to see some friends again who live in or near Berkeley.

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