SPG Announced Promotion for Q1 2014

Just this week Starwood announced the upcoming promotion for the first quarter of 2014. It is called, „SPG Bring On The Nights“.

This new promotion runs from January 5 through April 30, 2014, and includes all Starwood properties this time. While usually it is up to each individual hotel if it participates in any promotion this one does not come with a list of hotels opting out. This is quite a nice surprise. However, the details of the promotion do not suit my travel pattern. Well, even if it would, I don’t assume I’ll travel anywhere during the promotion period.

This promotion allows you to earn 2,500 bonus points for every five eligible nights (no matter, over how many stays these nights distribute). It is capped at 10,000 bonus points for 20 nights. But if you stay 5 additional nights during the promotion period, to total 25 nights, then you’ll earn 5,000 additional bonus points. So all in all it is possible to earn 15,000 bonus points with this promotion.

I don’t stay at SPG properties often, maybe just a handful of nights a year, so I wouldn’t earn anything extra under this promotion. That is one of the negatives of it, stay 4 nights and don’t earn anything extra.

Registration is supposed to open somewhen near mid-December. More information about this promotion is available here.

July 2013 Trip to New York: Flight DL 106 JFK to FRA

After a last great night’s sleep at the DoubleTree hotel it was time to say goodbye. After a final breakfast we fetched our bags in our room, went down to second floor, checked out, and then were on our way. Taking two subway trains we reached the station before Jamaice Center where we could take the AirTrain towards JFK Airport. We entered the newly remodeled terminal T4 and after looking around we found the Sky Priority check-in area. After an easy check-in procedure we almost raced through security and then headed first towards the Oasis lounge where we had access with our Priority Pass cards. Weiterlesen

July 2013 Trip to New York: New York City Day 4

On our fourth and final day in New York breakfast at our hotel was a bit different than on the other days. The cold options were all present at the buffet, however, the hot options were not present. Instead they could be ordered at no extra cost. Funny way of handling things differently on holidays (it was Fourth of July). After breakfast we walked to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and took the first available ferry to Staten Island. Weiterlesen

SPG Fall 2013 Promotion Announced

Like an hour ago or something the twitter account of SPG sent out a tweet announcing their promotion for this year’s fall. They call it SPG Take Two. From September 1 until December 15 each eligible night at a participating hotel (the list of non-participating hotels is quite long) earns double points. After each five eligible nights another bonus of 2,500 points is awarded, up to 10,000 points after 20 nights. Weiterlesen

July 2013 Trip to New York: New York City Day 3

On our third day in New York we decided to first go see the UN plaza and this unique building. That’s nothing spectacular, but before our trip I noted that we had been already relatively close to this place but we hadn’t ever seen it in real life. Weiterlesen

July 2013 Trip to New York: New York City Day 2

On our second day in New York we decided to visit several places from the two movies You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. After another delicious breakfast at the hotel we took a subway train to the Washington Square. In front of the memorial arch was the scene where Harry and Sally arrived and said goodbye to each other, not knowing that they would meet again and again. This is a nice park close to the campus of the NYU. I guess that’s the university where Sally wanted to study journalism and not calisthenics or gymnastics (the last several times I saw the movie, it was in German). Weiterlesen